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Early this year, I read a post By Emmanuel Obu that analyzed how it took God 83.33% of His time in creation to provide man’s needs and solve future problems. Though we have spent 4 months already into 2011, I believe we need to always remind ourselves of God’s love for us and how He is MOST INTERESTED in taking care of us and solving every challenge in our lives. Enjoy this post and the remaining three quarters of the year.


Before God created man, He saw his needs and his future problems. And so, He created him last on the sixth day. Before the man came, God made available solutions to his needs and future problems by using the first to the fifth day of creation to provide them.

Before the famine that was going to hit the whole earth came, God planted Joseph in Egypt as a solution, to save the situation. (Genesis 41:56-57, Genesis 45:4-7)

Before the genocide plot against Israel by Haman, God planted Esther in the palace as a

solution to the salvation of Israel. (Esther 4:12-17, Esther 8:5-7)

Before the fall of man to damnation, God had already prepared Jesus Christ for redemption before creation. (1 Peter 1:18-20)

Can you see God’s wisdom?

He kept Esther, waiting for Haman
He kept Joseph, waiting for the famine
He kept Jesus, waiting for satan.

Who can beat God’s wisdom? There is absolutely no one and no situation can!

There is already a solution to that problem or challenge you are faced with, search diligently to locate it!

There is already a solution! Be steady, continue to work and pursue your vision this year. 83.33% of time had already been set aside to take care of you perfectly well!

Ratio at creation = (Solution and needs: Creation of man)

5           :          1                    = ratio (5:1)

God’s percentage effort at creation

1. God created the needs of man from 1st day to 5th day           =            5 days

2. God created man last on the 6th day                                       =            1 day

Total number of days of creation                                           =             6 days

Needs of man (solutions)         5 days x 100                        =             83.33%

6 days

Creation of man                       1 day x100                          =             16.67%

6 days                                                    100%

God rested on the seventh day after effort at work. (Genesis 2:2)

It took God 83.33% of His time in creation to provide man’s needs and solve future problems. For any kind of need or problem that may arise or confront you, God had already dedicated 83.33% of His time in creation to provide solutions. Check that out and be assured God has a solution already waiting for you. Find out where it is!

Day 1 to day 5 of creation was all because of you! See Genesis 1:1-31, Genesis 2:1-25, Ezekiel 47: 12.

83.33%    – of God’s time had been set aside to provide and solve all problems that could

Ever confront you this year.

16.67% –    of God’s time had been set aside to input gifts, talents and different abilities

In you! So you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

100 % it is 100% sure you can be a success! Yes you can, change is in your hands!

Be confident and bold to confront the New Year. You are at advantage all the way?

Do you now know you have no reason to fail in 2011?  God already kept a solution waiting for any situation!

Arise shine!

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