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Hi there, my name is Ngozi Ifeoma Nwoke. I am a product and distributor of love. On this blog you will find helpful information on how to take steps with God and succeed in every area of your life. God loves us dearly and He wishes that we may prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper. I have a passion to communicate this God’s love and fellowship to people so that they will enjoy God and succeed in life and that includes you.


About me

I was born in Enugu State in Nigeria. I have four siblings. I had my first degree from University of Nigeria, Nsukka and graduated with B.Sc in Chemistry. I obtained my first post graduate certificate from the Institute Of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators based in London (What a deviation!), and had my Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Covenant University, Nigeria. I gave my life in 1983 while in junior high school and got filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues three years after. I am married to a Pastor also an architect and we presently live in Nigeria.

I had challenges in life that made me to run deeper into the Lord and He revealed his awesome love to me. I will mention just three of the challenges: firstly, I had a relationship problem with my siblings when we were growing up. This made me lonely in the midst of a crowd. Secondly, I had academic problems in my first year in the University. It wanted to swallow me up, I would be smiling and yet be horrible inside. Thirdly, when I got married, to conceive became an issue which lingered for more than ten years (Not a long period, right?). Thank God, I overcame all  of them.

These challenges came to destroy me but God used them to make me what I am today. I am strong in the Lord, though still growing. No challenge can make me fear or doubt God’s love for me or His ability to deliver me. I can face tomorrow because He lives and He is ever there for me. I love God and I love people because of God.

I have learned that walking with God makes all the difference. Taking steps with God make you a conqueror indeed. When challenges come, they will not overcome you because God will be with you and bring you out as a victor, not a victim. The good news is that God wants to teach us how to live a victorious life if only we will follow Him. The world has her own wisdom but God’s wisdom supersedes it. Praise God!

I have a desire to share with you what I know so that you will enjoy God’s love and fellowship and be successful in life. So, if you subscribe to this blog and follow my posts, you will learn a lot that will transform every area of your life. Please you are free to leave comments, share your experiences and let us bond together.


Your friend,

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  1. i thank God for you,you are a blessing to many. thank you

  2. im so blessed,by the articles in your site

  3. Am so blessed and inspired with your articles mom. I also relate to some of the challenges you mentioned above. There is a statement that says “Circumstances do not make you but reveal you, it is how we respond to the challenges life offers that reveals us.” You are my role model, am priviledged. Well, through my pastor and the word of God, I learnt to face challenges with boldness, to be still amidst of storms, to believe when all is saying the opposite for the just shall live by faith, to be able to wake up each morning receiving of God to be able to face the world. God has been so faithful to me. My marital life was challenged to a point where I thought I would never recover. One day I got a revelation from the word of God that changed the way I view marriage and fruit of the womb Mal 2 v 14-17. In addition I had counsel from my pastor, I attended bible school (you taught us about the Marriage covenant) changed the course of my life and am someone who can bodly say nothing is impossible with God and someone who is fearless. I have several encounters with God and his word, I agree when you say challenges can make you seek God deeper and develop an unmovable relationship. When all are gone & you stand and say “if God is on my side what can man do to me”.

    Thanx once again.

  4. I’m inspired by all your articles.Being someone who faced a lot of challenges at an early stage of growing up; from false allegations and victimisation,abusive relationship to migraine headaches etc – the list is so long. I know for sure that our GoD is mighty to save and mighty to deliver. Most of the things happened when i wasn’t saved but ” he loved me even when i was a sinner, his mercies endures for ever! I know for sure that i am still alive and enjoying good health becos of his mercies.

    In all these things we are more than conquers in Christ Jesus. When i think of it Mommy, we wouldn’t talk about conquering if we never faced challenges. They are there to strengthen us and our commitment to walk with God. One of my favourite scriptures is James 1:2-3 ,count it all joy when you face diverse temptations!

    I always speak boldly to the devil that No matter what he puts me thru, i will not depart from my walk with God.
    Have a blessed nite.

  5. You inspire me and am grateful to God for your life.

  6. Your articles are very helpful. I read them every day over and over. What a way to share God’s wisdom. I consider this a great blessing to us. I thank God for your life and that of Dad Nwoke. You are indeed a mother to our generation.

  7. Thank God for your life am challenged by your words and i pray that the Lord will use you the more to do greater things in our time.
    God bless u ma & ur family.

  8. Hi Ifeoma

    Thank you sharing wonderful stuffs at your site and ezine articles. I came across your articles and it enlighten me with message in between the lines. Nice knowing you and eagerly waiting for your new messages

  9. Thank you mom for your articles. They really inspire me and I thank God for your life. Truly we are living testimonies.

  10. I am loving your messages, they are deep and are “true steps with God”! May our dear Lord continue to use you in this ministry.

  11. You never fail to Bless me mummy , I thank God for your life. this has realy made a difference in my life and helped me grow spiritually. May God Bless and increase you more and more.
    Lots of Love…

  12. Praise God. I love your posts. I have put some of your posts from faithwriters.com on my website.


  13. alfred Oxone says:

    You write impactfully in a style that is rare in much of what we read today. Thanks for your simplicity, and for loving God so transparently.

  14. I am encouraged by your story. God bless you ma.

  15. Wow ,what a blessing!You know after commiting a sin you condemn yourself and give satan a room to celebrate and torment us with guilt .

    This message is so relevant.

    Thanks & be blessed!

  16. Thank you very much for your service. Really appreciate it. May God bless you in your godly endeavor!

  17. Olurotimi says:

    You are blessed Ngozi. Keep the flame aglow for Christ.

  18. Pastor Jesuloba olushola says:

    Woman of God,u are a blessing to many please continue with the good work it will surely take u to the appointed place in God.


  20. God bless you as you seek to make Him known among the nation’s

  21. Wonderful !!! Keep up the great work of God. Blessings to you . Thank you.

  22. Great! May the good Lord continually increase you.

  23. SO good to get this article today – I have missed you and your writings sister! Sending love across the miles and over these (now) years! Time is short, there IS a remnant of God – praising Him!!!

  24. It’s more than evident, God’s love radiates truly through you ma’am. I’ve felt, a lot of times (even today) His infinite love and mercy that even as i walk today through certain circumstances in a world full of uncertainties, I’m more than confident that He is right there to always see me through.
    God bless you all the way for making this platform a passion and avenue to spread the truth of this love.
    My regards to Pastor Nwoke and junior.

  25. praising Him! praising Him!! praising Him!!!

  26. I just saw your website yesterday and it seems to me that you teach the deeper parts of the love of God. I have found that most websites teach fundamentals but they don’t really teach you how to surrender and give up your all. I love the truth and I found out that it only lives within God and Christ and the Holy Spirit. I’m really glad I found your website, thank you. Aaron

  27. Igho Orienru says:

    Thanks Sis Ngozi.More grace ma!

  28. God bless you. You write encouraging messages.

  29. Sunday Daniel says:

    I just came across this site.Am really bless with the article you posted.God bless you ma,you are a gift to this generation.

  30. Sandra says:

    I just found your site this morning as I was perusing Proverbs 31 woman! What a blessing you are Mrs. Nwoke! Thank you for the wonderful shares with us.

  31. Hi! Ms Ngozi

    Thanks for your courageous words and God bless you. You are really a testimony to us. Thank you and thank you for your teachings.

  32. Joshua Kung'u says:

    Am so blessed by ur post on gratitude, ur story has inspired me…..to conceive became as issue it lingered on 4 more thn 10yrs but eventually God appeared 4u,God bless u migtly

  33. Bridget Johnson says:

    Hi Ngozi Nwoke,
    Would like to say thank you this site is timely just came across it and has been bless would like to continue receiving more encouragement may God continue to bless you as you be a blessing in the life of many.

  34. I can feel you sis.now you are encouraging and comforting others with the victory God has given you-please continue.
    Am so so blessed-all you said here is in line with what the Lord told me-true His words in our mouth once we submit to Him is POWER.
    Words serve us in Him.
    Thank you for being a blessing .please keep on writing.

  35. Olaniyi Karim says:

    Thanks for sharing and happy new year.

  36. Carrie John says:

    Just found you …
    Similarity, I’ve overcome so much – thank you Jesus .
    I’m looking forward to more of your articles .
    The one talking about “Faith works through Love”
    just really moved me. Blessings to you.

    Email: iamthelight1994@gmail.com / muslims4jesus1994@gmail.com
    Dear Director / Pastor / Brother / Sister in Christ,
    Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus’ name from India!
    I am Bashir. I am in great need of your kind prayers for me, family and ministry especially among the Muslims. Our God led me by His Holy Spirit to find your contact address through Google search.
    I would like to share with you that our God has called me & my wife to reach specifically to the Muslims with The Gospel and establish Churches inside Muslim community. I and my wife both have surrendered our lives into His hands to be used according to His will & guidance in our lives.
    So far more than hundred Muslim men, women and their family members have surrendered their lives to Jesus through our ministry and they have received free salvation from our Lord Jesus. They are following the teachings of our Lord Jesus and witnessing to their own relatives and neighbours by His grace. Most of them are living in threats by the Radical Muslims but God has protected them so far for His own glory.
    Jesus has touched and healed several Muslims through our prayers for His own glory. Demonic possessed persons are being set free in Jesus’ name. He is healing Muslims men & women form various types of diseases for the extension of His Kingdom in this part of the world.
    Humbly, I request you kindly pray that God might constantly help us to be obedient, faithful, honest, humbleness and He might help us to live in His holiness. Please pray for His divine protection in our lives and in all the believers form Muslim background at our fellowship. We are having burden in our hearts to have PRIMARILY at least 1000 believers from Muslim background in our Church and to establish as many as House Churches inside Muslim community in my area by His grace & mercies.

  38. josephine says:

    Thanks and GOD bless you for how to pray to get answer

  39. God bless you ma and continue to keep you aglow for him alone. I’m greatly inspired.

  40. henry omoit says:

    Glory be to God for that grace upon you. I’m Ugandan. I pray God’s favor and love move across your entire life and family so that you share the gospel with protection. I totally understand if you ask for our prayers, knowing where you are preaching the gospel to.

  41. JOHN AJISAFE says:

    I bless God for the testimonies. I use your materials sometimes and am happy to read that you encourage it. May the LORD bless and uphold you and family. Amen


  42. You’re a great blessing. I identify with some of your past challenges but the faithful God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob brought me out as a victor and not a victim.
    It is high time believers in Christ accept that storms or challenges are real to life, you can only escape them when you die. However, let’s always see God as all-knowing , all-powerful, all-sufficient and loving Father. May His grace and power enable us to always see Him as such.
    Peace of Christ be with you.


  43. thank you for strenghting me the more

  44. moris mugisha says:

    we bless God for your life…Amen

  45. fellow christian in JESUS says:

    Hi I came across your site last night, just what I need to hear and see. With GOD there is no coincidence. I was feel low and HE brought me to your site. Thank you so much for the encouraging word and may the LORD JESUS continue to bless you. Thank

  46. John Abdul says:

    Am inspired by your wonderful testimonies. May God continue to use you in His vineyard

  47. UDU HUAN says:

    GOD bless you ma,more word of wisdom

  48. God bless you

    Your writings and teaching are encouraging. May the Almighty use you mightily.

    • Praise God!
      Thanks Puni for your comment and prayer.
      God bless you.

    • It’s interesting that I stumbled on to your writing while googling. Then to see you are from Africa truly blesses me. God has given me a burden to pray for Africa . Your articles are blessing me . Thank you.
      Thank you for sharing how the Lord has worked in your life.

  49. I am a kenyan serving the Almighty God,truely I am blessed with your teachings and life testimony, God bless you

  50. God bless you. am blessed this morning by your powerful teachings. What a loving God we serve.

  51. Am glad I found this article online. Was just researching on what the lord laid in my heart. The came across this message. I really want to grow in the lord but sometimes I get tired . But your story is tourching and has given me hope. Would like to get more of your inspirational messages.

  52. Hello, I’m Ayo Olubo…
    I’m so blessed with the word of God through your platform…
    Can you consider topics on the fruit of the Spirit?
    It’s my prayer that God will grant you more Grace to continue doing His work… In Jesus Mighty Name.

    Remain Blessed,


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