Down anger before sunsetHi, Jesus loves you.

Why should Anger destroy your life and destiny? Anger is outrageous and should go down before sunset! Anger is the root cause of so many evil deeds and destructions in the world today. Learning how to control anger is indeed a wise step to better tomorrow. This article gives reasons why anger should not be prolonged.

When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath (your exasperation, your fury or indignation) last until the sun goes down. Leave no [such] room or foothold for the devil [give no opportunity to him] – Ephesians 4:26-27 (AMP)

Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools – Ecclesiastes 7:9 (KJV)

He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city – Proverbs 16:32 (KJV)

A hot-tempered man stirs up strife, but he who is slow to anger appeases contention. – Proverbs 15:18 (AMP)

Certainly, you will get angry sometime. But the questions are, ‘what do you do when you are angry, and does your anger go down before sunset?’ How well you control your anger determines how strong, matured and responsible you become.

Anger is very destructive! It has destroyed many marriages and families, crippled many businesses and careers. Also, people are murdered and many nations today are ravaged because of it. Furthermore, its effect on the person who is angry is not worth experiencing. Truly, anger should be curbed.

Why Anger should not be prolonged

1.       It is commanded.

God in His awesome wisdom commanded that our anger should not last until the sun goes down. This command is for our own good.

2.       Room is given to the enemy

You give opportunity to the devil to afflict you and to use you to do evil when your anger goes beyond a moment.

3.       Stress is generated

It is really stressful being angry. You are worked-up, your muscles are tightened and your heart beats faster than it should. If you don’t cause the anger to go down before sunset, it may tend to more serious health problems.  

4.       Time and energy are wasted

You can’t do anything productive when you are angry. You use the time and energy for other meaningful things to fume and rage about what happened. Give yourself a break!

5.       Sign of foolishness

Surely, it is foolishness to continue being angry when you know the undesirable effects it’s creating around and within you.

6.       Sleepless night

You spend part of your sleeping time still pondering and fuming over what happened, and maybe planning how to retaliate, if you have not.

7.       Horrible dreams

Your anger should go down before sunset. Carrying it over to sleep gives the devil the opportunity to continue his oppression even in your sleep. Certainly, you wouldn’t be able to pray effectively before sleeping off when you are angry.

The above reasons point out why anger should go down before sunset. They are not experiences anybody would love to have. Surely, I wouldn’t want to experience them again.

Sometime ago, somebody offended me and anger took over me. I fumed and raged throughout the day. I was stressed up and I couldn’t write that day. It took me a long time to sleep and when I finally did, I had a horrible dream which woke me up. Now, I had to ask God for forgiveness for disobeying Him and to plead the blood of Jesus.

Some days later, I got offended again. I was angry and the same process wanted to start again. This time I quickly got rid of the anger. I didn’t want to give the devil room again to torment me and waste my time and energy. Your anger should go down before sunset!

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