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Who said being single is a disadvantage or something to be ashamed of? Who said single life prevents you from being successful in life?  Singlehood is a stage in one’s life that determines how fruitful the future will be. It is a stage you must make most of while you can.

Being married is wonderful but the success of any marriage is determined to a great extent what transpired in your life as a single. Enjoying being single while you are one will make you a happier married person. Love yourself in every stage of your life, including the single stage of your life.

You are complete and whole as a single and can enjoy a most successful life. Yes, to be married is great but if you are not yet one, it does not stop you from setting high goals and achieving them. In fact, being single gives you the time and energy to pursue and realise your dreams. Who knows? You may even meet your Mr or Miss right in the process of pursuing your dreams.

The stage of single life is a time to discover who you really are, your purpose in life. It is a time to plan on how to fulfil your destiny and be successful in life. It is indeed a preparatory stage for a successful life. What you put in at this stage will determine the result you get in future even when you are finally married.

Many people are depressed and miserable because they are still single at a particular age. This I must say may even be the reason why they are still single. Every man or woman will want to share the rest of their lives with a cheerful and happy person. Enjoying being single will always make your face to shine. You will think positively and be a blessing to the people around you.

Single life is a blessing. Life is all about contribution. What are you contributing now as a single? Many people are looking up to you to lead them in the right direction. Will you disappoint them just because you are not yet married?

Also, there are many things you can do for God being single. Some of these things will be difficult if not impossible to be done when you are married. A married person cares about being a better spouse and parent but a single person only cares about pleasing God as Paul said in I Cor 7: 32-34. God is looking for available people to work for His kingdom and the singles are available more than the married ones.

Enjoying being single is a must for a more successful life. The world will not remember you for being married but for the contributions you made into people’s lives. Enjoy your single life and make the most of it.

What else can you share about being single?

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Image by Horia Varlan