Please, do watch the video to listen to the reading of the chapter to understand better.

Verse 1-2

God has given us the authority to go and preach the gospel to all men and heal the sick. This assignment is not just for apostles, but for everyone.

Verse 3-5

We have been told to go and preach the gospel to everyone. However, we should not be disturbed when some people don’t receive Christ. Our work is to preach with faith to them, but it’s theirs to receive Christ. And if they don’t it will be between them and God, and surely, they will not make heaven.

Verse 6 -10

The disciples did exactly what Jesus asked them to do. And when they returned, they gave an account of their work. Surely, it’s important to have someone (spiritually qualified) for you to be accountable to. This will help you to be sure you’re on the right track.

Verse 11

Each time the people went to Jesus, He shared the word with them and healed their sick. So also, we should always be ready, in season and out of season, to share the good news and be used by God to heal the sick.

Verse 12 – 17

Man is always limited but not God. Surely, Christ will always have the answers to all challenges you may ever have. However, you’re to go to Him in faith, expecting Him to deliver your answers to you. And there is no impossibility with Him, for with five loaves and two fishes, Christ fed five thousand men.

Also, worth noticing is that Christ performed this miracle after giving thanks to God. Therefore, you must learn and practice giving thanks always to God for you to have multiplication in life.

Again, Christ made the people sit in an organized manner. I believe this helped in the distribution of the food. Likewise, you should be organized in all that you do to experience divine success.

Verse 18

We must learn to give ourselves to prayer, for prayer (along with word study) is one thing we can’t do without if we want to succeed in life.

Verse 19 – 20

Just as Jesus asked Peter who he thinks He is, even so, He asks today. You need to know God for yourself, not just what you heard someone say about Him. That is, you should have a revelation of Christ for yourself. This will help you to stand strong in the Lord no matter the challenge that may come your way.

Verse 21 – 23

Christ told them what was going to happen to Him in the near future. This helped them to understand and believe in the Lord more by the time He resurrected.

He also told them that we’re to deny ourselves and take up the cross daily, and not when we like. Hence, as long as we’re alive we’re to live for Christ, pleasing Him at all times and glorifying His name on daily basis.

Verse 24

You are to lose your life for the sake of Christ if it’s to turn around for your good.

Verse 25 – 27

What will it profit you, if you gain the whole world and lose your soul? This should be your watchword all the time. We should always remember that there is eternity after this life, either in heaven, which is God’s desire for us all, or hell. This calls for you to be focused on what will lead you to heaven, and not things that are temporary and that will make you miss heaven. Therefore, be ever ready for heaven.

Also, Christ said that anyone who is ashamed of Him here on earth, He will be ashamed of in heaven. Therefore be bold to identify with Him and preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Verse 28 – 36

The scriptures are about the law and the prophets. This was demonstrated when Moses and Elijah came to meet with Christ, the new covenantor, in preparation for His death. Also, take note that those who saw the transfiguration were the pillars of the gospel of Christ: Peter, John, and James. The encounter they had with the voice of God and what He told them must have solidified their faith in Christ. Truly, they ran with the gospel of the son of God, and that’s why we’re ‘believing Christians’ today.

Verse 37 – 41

Every challenge we have in life depends on our faith level. Our Lord Jesus handled issues well and overcame every challenge that came His way, while on earth. So, we need to build up our faith to be able to confront challenges that come our way.

Verse 42

Healing the young was not an issue for Christ, for He constantly built Himself up in word and prayer. And God expects us to build up ourselves as Christ did.

Verse 46 – 48

To be great is to be least of all, serving everyone. Therefore the way to the top is through servanthood. And you’re to believe like a child, doubting nothing.

Verse 51 – 56

Christ knew God’s plan and timing for him. This is because He was always communicating with His Father. Surely, you can’t miss God’s plan for your life if you’re always communicating with God.

Jesus came to save the world, not to destroy their lives

Verse 57 – 60

If you’re following Christ, you must not get attached to the things of this world. This enables you to obey God without any reservations. Also, you will be focused and fulfil your destinies.

Verse 61 – 62

If you’re serving God and you desire to be in God’s kingdom, then, there should be no going back to the things you left to serve God. Surely, where we’re going is more glorious than where we’re coming from.

Jesus is Lord

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