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Verse 1-11

Zacchaeus wanted to just see Jesus, but when he encountered Christ, he repented and gave his life to Christ. And Jesus said He came to seek and save sinners. Therefore, invite sinners to hear the true word of God and they will be saved. This is because when they hear the word (Jesus), they will be convicted and saved.

Verse 12-27

While we wait for Christ’s return, God expects us to occupy till He comes. This we do by trading whatever God has given us, which includes our talents and reaching out to souls. Truly, God is a businessman and His main business is soul-winning. And as a businessman, He looks out for profit. So, no matter how little or big what you have is, make sure it yields profits unto God. And to whom who has more is given, and he who claims not to have, the very thing he has will be taken from him. Also, note that you will be judged by your words. So, speak the right words, words that agree with the word of God.

Verse 28-44

Jesus Christ knows how to organize anything. So, trust Him to handle every issue in your life. Also, know that when you have Jesus, you will have peace and glory. Furthermore, use every opportunity you have to praise God and don’t allow stones to replace you in praising God. And worthy of note is that when you carry Jesus, as the donkey did, you will be the one to walk on the red carpet. Also, be careful not to miss your blessings because of insensitivity to your time of visitation.

Verse 45-48

The house of God is a house of prayers, not for buying and selling. So, let’s not turn God’s house to a marketplace. Again, when you share the word, you draw a multitude to come and hear you, and no one will harm you.

Jesus is Lord

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