Please, do watch the video to listen to the reading of the chapter to understand better.

Verse 1

Christ sent them out two by two. This is very important, that as much as possible don’t go alone to share the word, at least go with one person. And there are many reasons for this; one I believe is for your security both physically and otherwise.

Verse 2

We’re encouraged to pray that labourers be sent to the field. Truly, no one can be saved except someone preaches to him. And people are in situations where they’re looking for solutions and ways out of their predicament. And Christ is the way, the truth and the life.

Verse 3

You’re encouraged to go like a lamb, not harming anyone you approach. You’re to be a blessing and not a curse.

Verse 5

Surely, there’s power in your words. So, when you get to a place and declare peace unto the house, the peace of God will rest on that house.

Verse 7

The labourer is worthy of his hire, so, expect God to reward you for your services in His kingdom. And always remember that God owes no man.

Verse 9

We’re sent to heal; for total health is one attribute of the kingdom of God. Certainly, sickness and diseases have no place in heaven, and so should not be associated with children of God.

Verse 11

In preaching the gospel of Christ, we offer life in the kingdom of God for free. So, whoever rejects your preaching rejects life eternal in heaven.

Verse 16

When people reject you for preaching Christ to them, don’t be discouraged. Rather, this calls for more passion for souls on our own part because they’re making the worst decision ever: rejecting Christ.

Verse 17

Devils will always be subject to us through the name of Jesus. So, always use it in faith when you need Christ’s intervention.

Verse 19

The authority to trample on the enemy is still ours today, for Christ’s power cancels his. However, be led by the Holy Spirit so as not to engage the enemy in a battle without God’s backing.

Verse 20

Our joy should be that our names are written in heaven because this is the ultimate. People can do exploits in the name of Christ and still have their names missing in heaven.

Verse 21-24

It’s the wisdom of God to reveal the things of the kingdom to the simple and not the wise. This puts away any form of bragging and all the glory goes to God. Therefore, it’s a privilege, when God reveals His words and plans to us. So, always give Him thanks for it.

 Verse 25-28

We can’t miss it pointing people back to the word. This is because they will see it for themselves and know that it’s not you saying it but God Himself. Also, you’re to love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind, and your neighbour as yourself. And loving God means obeying His commandments.

Verse 30-37

We should always show mercy to people and walk in love towards them

Verse 38-42

Service in the kingdom is very important. However, it must never take the place of the word in your life. So, always study and hear the word of God for your own nourishment and growth.

Jesus is Lord

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