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“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton. “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.” I Corinthians 11:1. Whatever you may be doing or passing through, somebody has done or gone through it successfully. Christian mentoring mentors are essential for you to succeed in your Christian life and fulfil your destiny.

What is your calling in life? Somebody finished the same successfully. What challenge are you facing? Somebody overcame the same successfully. You learn from the failures and successes of those who had gone ahead of you. This is one of the ways to do more exploit in shorter periods.

A mentor is a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher. You need Christian mentors to teach and guide you in life. You should not allow the enemy to defeat you. Seek out proven counsellors and teachers who will help in mentoring you.

In this article I have listed just a few Christian mentoring mentors that have affected my life and many other lives.

·         Kenneth E Hagin – A man of faith. He was well balanced in scriptures. His ministry raised many living ministries. A worthy mentor in every area of Christian life.

·         Smith Wigglesworth – Apostle of faith. He was very rugged in practicing faith. He strongly believed that there was no impossibility with God and recorded tremendous miracles during his life time. He still speaks though dead.

·         Kathryn Kuhlman – A woman of the Spirit. Her relationship with the Holy Spirit produced mind-blowing testimonies. A woman to study if you want to see manifestations of the Holy Spirit in your life

·         Dr David Oyedepo – A great mentor and deep follower of mentoring mentors like Kenneth E Hagin and Smith Wigglesworth. He believes in man’s ability to make “world impact” no matter the race and country you may have come from. He is one of the people spear heading Christianity, change and effective leadership in Africa

·         Pastor Faith Oyedepo – Wife of Dr David Oyedepo. She is a great teacher of the word of God and an epitome of a submissive wife. She has affected the lives of many couples and has helped in restoring many broken homes.

·         Pastor Enoch Adeboye – A man of humility, wisdom and holiness. Following him and his teachings will lead you to a greater walk with God. His relationship with the Father (God) is awesome and worthy to be emulated

·         Dr Creflo Dollar – A great teacher of the word of God. His teachings are very easy to understand and to be applied for a successful Christian living. He is a respecter of no man when it comes to God’s word.

·         Jesse Duplantis – A man of great faith and humour. He teaches practical Christianity and his fellowship with God is enviable.

·         Joyce Meyer – A great mentor of practical Christianity. People identify with her in her teachings. Truly, when you follow her teachings, you will enjoy your everyday life.

Do you desire to please Jesus and to be used of God? Then you need Christian mentoring mentors. These men and women have had series of encounters with Jesus and are ever ready to impart other lives. I encourage you to look for their books, DVDs, etc and feed yourself along side with your bible. You will surely enjoy success in your Christian life and other areas of your life.

What other Christian mentors can you mention and what effect do they have in your life?

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Image by Daniel Voyager