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What can stop your abundant harvest after you have planted your seeds? Have you ever planted and reaped little? It is not enough to just sow for you to reap a harvest. There are other factors to consider if you want a bountiful harvest. This article lists things to watch out for if you are to receive a great return.

But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully – 2 Corinthians 9:6

It is God’s heart desire to bless us abundantly. But like a farmer, abundant harvest neither comes by wishing it nor by scattering seeds without focus. A farmer diligently prepares for a bountiful harvest by the conscious steps he takes. He watches out for any hindrance to his desired returns and takes care of them. Do you desire great returns? Then watch out for the following hindrances:

Hindrances to abundant harvest

1.       No or insufficient planted seeds

Seeds stored and not planted will yield nothing. It is only when you sow that you can expect a harvest. Sow nothing and reap nothing. Also, the more the seeds you sow the more the harvest you can expect. Therefore, sow in the morning, noon and evening, any opportunity you have sow and expect your harvest.

2.       Unfertile land

Not every soil is suitable for planting seeds. So also, not every life or place is a fertile ground. A cursed life or place will yield nothing. Sow your seeds in lives and places that enjoy God’s blessings and your seed will receive God’s blessings too.

3.       Poor quality seed

Bad seeds will yield nothing. Good quality seed is a function of the state of your heart and your attitude to your giving. Sow in love. Whatever you do, do as unto the Lord. Don’t just give merely for what you will get in return. Otherwise the “thank you” you received will be all that you will get. God’s blessing will not rest on the seed.

4.       Weeds

These can be likened to the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches. Anxiety, impatience and greed, etc., can hinder your abundant harvest. Like a farmer weeds his farm so also you should weed your life of any wrong thought, words or actions

5.       Lack of adequate light

The word of God is the sunlight you need for a bountiful harvest. Search out what God had said about your seed and harvest. Speak the Word over your seeds. There is power in your tongue. Use it and expect a fruitful return.

6.       Lack of adequate rain

Praise is the rain you need for your seeds to yield fruit. Until you praise God, the earth will not yield her increase and you will not receive God’s blessing – Psalm 67: 5-6. Make praising God a life style and you will constantly have God’s blessing upon your life.

7.       Little Foxes

These foxes spoil your plants and inevitably your harvest. They are un-forgiveness, bitterness, anger, etc. Do not give the enemy any reason to accuse you before God (The God of harvest). God is a just God and He keeps to His word. Keep these little foxes away from your territory.

As long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest will never cease. But you must take care of these hindrances if you want to enjoy abundant harvest during the harvest time.

What other hindrance can add?

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Image by Joost J Bakker