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How do you secure a fruitful, peaceful and joyous new month? It starts with a good beginning. A solid foundation ensures a solid building. You deserve to enjoy every new month.

Psalm 11:3 says, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” It is important to start well in order to end well. How you walk into a new month really matters.

How to walk into a fresh month

  • Count your blessings

Many people start the month with what has not been accomplished fully occupied in their minds. This disorganises the month for them. They are worried and depressed. Sometimes it affects their relationship with people. Performance at work inevitably is affected. They will end up not seeing any good coming their way.

Count your blessings and name them one by one. It is very crucial to cast your mind to the past month and consciously recount every good that came your way, including the fact that you are alive and every favour you enjoyed, no matter how little. It is best to put them down if you can, because the long list will push away any worries and build your faith for the new month.

The next thing to do is to thank God for every one of the blessings listed. Thanksgiving makes you see the yet unfulfilled desires as a possibility with God. Thanksgiving unto God provokes His intervention any day, anywhere. It also focuses your mind on God’s ability to make the new month a better one.

Then, thank God for the fresh month, and for His ability to make all things good in His own time. Furthermore, make a list of your desires for the new month. Thank God that He is able to bring them to pass. This is a sign of your faith in God. What you thank God for eventually comes into your hands. Also a thankful heart is a joyous heart. You need joy to go through the new month successfully.

  • Be full of expectation

What you expect is what you see. Expect the present month to be great. Expect favour to come your way every day of the month. Expect every item on your list to be fulfilled. Expect everything to turn around for your good. Your expectation shall not be cut off.

Let your countenance express your expectation. Don’t allow any negativity to move you at all. Your attitude to every day of the month should not change – every day is a good day. Go out of your way to show favour to others as you expect people to do the same to you. The month will be great for you.

These steps have been most fruitful to me. Every new month has always been better than the previous. When I start counting my blessings I see any doubt, worry or un-thankfulness as been unfair to God. My faith comes up, I am able to hold unto God again and God takes over. These steps given above kept me during my years of childlessness and today I am a joyful mother. Your testimony is the next.

How do you start a new month?

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Image by Jennifer Donley