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Today I want to share a post from Didi (thttp://www.thehavilah.com/) that I read that blessed my soul. Please enjoy, apply and share.


My day started with God assuring me that the blood of Jesus still flows to cleanse the sins of many that come to him. God loves so unconditionally that even the worst criminal stands a chance before him. As I thought about it, it occurred to me that sometimes when we err we come up with excuses why we can’t move on and the excuses are usually people oriented – what they said or what they will say.
I believe I have been placed on a pedestal where I do not belong by my family and people. Sometimes I wonder if I unconsciously initiated it. I do not know if I did because I have always thought I was being myself. So maybe I did or maybe I did not. However, I do know there are things I have done in secret people do not know and if they do know, they will be highly disappointed. If my Mum were alive, perhaps she would have still died if she heard of what her daughter has done and my father would have a heart attack! That’s how bad I think my sins were!
Then around me, some of my friends have done some things that have blown up on their faces and they have allowed these things to keep them from moving forward for years.  Yes, we have made mistakes but dwelling on them and allowing them to trap us retards our growth and hampers our destinies thereby nullifying the power of the blood of Jesus to cleanse, deliver and empower us to overcome.

God has taught me to look beyond my sins and mistakes and I would like to share what I have learnt with you:
·         Come to Jesus repentantAlthough he died on the cross over two thousand years ago, his blood is still as effective as then to cleanse all sins. I have heard some people exclaim that their sins are so grievous they do not think God can forgive. Well, I am glad God is not man; he forgives all sins. So try him and you will encounter the love of God that never gives up on anyone.
·         Forgive yourselfFor some of us, although God has forgiven us, we are still weighed down because we have refused to forgive ourselves. You become your own enemy of progress. When you don’t forgive yourself, it becomes challenging to relate and love others. One who is dark and gloomy cannot generate sunshine for another. If God who created you in his own image has forgiven you, why not forgive yourself? Only then can you begin to give him room to actualize your destiny. David in the bible took another man’s wife. He was rebuked; he repented and went on to do more exploits for God. Imagine if he did not forgive himself, would he be the man after God’s heart?
·         Learn from your sins and mistakesJoshua did not consult God and signed a treaty with the gideonites who the Israelites were not to associate with. Imagine if Joshua has dwelt on that instead of moving on, the Israelites would not have conquered more lands. Accept your mistakes, learn from them and keep pressing on.
·         Don’t let your past prophesy unto your futureYou have things God wants to do through you for your fellow men; you have places to go and you have a destiny to fulfil. Peter (the disciple of Jesus) denied Jesus three times; he repented; he was restored and signs and wonders followed him afterwards. Paul the apostle took delight in killing followers of Jesus but when he was arrested by the one he persecuted, he did exploits. His letters became the most part of the New Testament. God is a God of second chances. Why will you let your past put a halt to who you are called to be? The devil takes delight in keeping us down but the righteous must rise up after every fall. We are not destined to be down! We are to reign with Christ. So dust yourself and keep moving.
·         Initiate and develop an intimate and consistent relationship with GodA relationship with God grants rest for our soul and we have peace despite our past. As we get into deeper worship, we will not have time to maintain regrets because you will be thinking about him and how to please and serve him.
·         Focus on who God thinks and says you areYour friends and families have told you how disappointed they are; they have called you names and perhaps some of them have walked away. You feel alone and hopeless. Take time off and find out from God who he says you are. If he calls you a saint, then you are a saint even if your closest buddy does not think so. God will work in you with your co-operation to make you who he says you are. Let people call you names while you hang unto God. Trust me, these same people who rejected you will turn around someday and speak well of you.
I have learnt that holding unto my past will not only enslave me but also others who are to be encouraged by my exploits to fulfil their dreams. So know it now! If you don’t move on from your past, the people you are to influence will also be affected.
Are you enslaved by your past? Avail yourself to the blood of Jesus, hang on to him, forget about people’s impression of you, let God do his work in you and be determined to fulfil your destiny despite all odds for only then will you be fulfilled.

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