Dec 7, 2010

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The Mystery of Gratitude- A Sermon by Bishop Oyedepo (Winners Chapel Int’l)

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Text– Psalm 92:1-3, 10-15

We live in a kingdom that runs on mysteries. Mark 4:11. Every issue in the kingdom is a mystery and every mystery you engage confers mastery on you in that area. And gratitude is a spiritual force that empowers you to scale higher. You can’t change to higher level without it.

What makes thanksgiving powerful

1. Thanksgiving paves the way for fresh impact

Every time you give genuine thanksgiving fresh oil for fresh impact comes on you. You never run dry with constant thanksgiving (Psa 89:20-24)

2. It is the key to your supernatural victories

Every child of God carries enviable future/destiny that attracts combat from the enemy. Gratitude passes your battle to God and you wouldn’t need to fight to win the battle.

(2 Chro 20:22-24)

3. Multiplication answers to gratitude

Every blessing (finance, healing, peace, grace, etc.) multiplies at the instance of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the mystery behind scaling unusual heights. (John 6:6-13)

4. Thanksgiving establishes you in the house of God.

It is the mystery behind your sustainability in the kingdom of God. The grateful are never offended. (Psa 92:13)

5. Sustainable fruitfulness

When you always give God thanks, your life will never lose value. (Psa 92:14)


Why must you give thanks

A. The breath in your nostrils has its root in God. (Psa 150:6)

B. Every good thing in your life has its source in God. (James 1:17)

C. A man can receive nothing except it be given him from above. (John 3:27)

D. Everything people marvel at in your life is the Lord’s doing. (Psa 118:23)

E. By strength shall no man prevail. (Rom 9:16)

Thanksgiving is a MUST for a glorious future. The Sermon: mystery of gratitude by Bishop Oyedepo continues on the next post. Stay tuned.

What do you have to say about the mystery of gratitude?

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  1. l am enlightened by the sermon on gratitude. Thanks a lot Bishop. I luv u Bishop.

  2. This message is fantastic. It opened my eyes the more on the need for thanksgiving.

  3. Udoma idongesit says:

    Bishop ur a blessing 2me via ds message,d eyes of my understanding jst pop open on gratitude

  4. This is powerful and we really need such teachings. God richly bless you.

  5. This is amazing and am going to share it with my group. God bless you.

  6. pastor A Effiong says:

    papa i am bless because my understanding has being enlighting what i have just read. May The Almighty preserve and keep increasing you for us in Jesus Name.

  7. Great sermon. Insightful.

  8. Am blessed by the sermon. I have gained insight on GRATITUDE.

    • Praise God!
      May God continue to open your eyes
      to deeper things in His word in Jesus name.
      God bless you Meg.

  9. shade Adesanya says:

    We need to give Him thanks because there is no other thing we can give unto God

  10. Thanks pastor. More blessing

  11. Foreman Nedison says:

    This message is insightful. Thanks Bishop.

  12. Igbako David says:

    really blessed by your message sir,May the lord increase your anointing sir.

  13. Fasonyin Adeboye. says:

    Bishop, i’ll give God gratitude

  14. This is wonderful. May the Lord continue to increase you sir

  15. God bless you more daddy. This message is indeed a blessing sent from on high to me.

  16. Gratitude is a must for believer who is expecting physical and spiritual growth, only an ingrate would not be grateful to God… Modupe temi…….

  17. lovely message

  18. Vwarhe Haugebak says:

    I am so blessed by this message.

  19. Gabriel Eyelade says:

    Living is a privilege. We must appreciate God for it

  20. Adebanji Francis says:

    What a closer heart given message with God from Our God ordained man of God more anointing sir

  21. Ebiniyi Patrick says:

    Bless God for His message

  22. Livingstone Jacob says:

    Thank you servant of God. More unction…

  23. Pst Godwin Felix says:

    Thanks be to God for raising a prophet a teacher at this when we actually needed knowledge of Gods Word,

  24. Jeff Ngawe says:

    Thanks a great deal for this post. I stumbled on it as I was preparing to preach a sermon to encourage fellow Christians on the need to give thanks to God. God bless you. He will give you good health and strength to continue working in his vine yard.

  25. Bishop am really bless this message, can I share it?

  26. pastor agunbiade says:

    I thank God for the life of His servant for the message

  27. Francis Ojo says:

    This message is an eye opener that it is a must for us to give thank unto God always.

  28. Sunday Jesmiel says:

    I’m blessed by this teaching, please I want to seek for permission to preach this message to my congregation using your out line, thanks.

  29. Ihonde Andrew says:

    Bishop am bless by this message and may GOD bless you too.

  30. Vera Temple says:

    I love this message Papa, and am bless, more grace sir.

  31. Taiwo Benson Moses says:

    Have been blessed with the message. god bless you

  32. Am blessed

  33. Emmanuel Assian says:

    This message is really good for us as christians it admonish us to cultivate the habit of thanksgiving to God our greator. So personally I really enjoy the messages, thank u and God bless u for ur work here in Jesus name.

  34. Victor m edili says:

    Thank you papa,you are my inspiration. The mystery is powerful.

  35. Pastor Ruth Agboaye says:

    Thanks sir for this powerful exposer on thanksgiving God bless you sir

  36. Eddy Ovenseri says:

    I am indeed blessed by this post

  37. Dcn. Abu John says:

    Daddy, may d Almighty God continue to overwhelm you with anointing in Jesus precious name (Amen)

  38. Aderonkeadebanjo Esther says:

    I am lifted

  39. Feed me more

  40. Anthony Victor Patrick says:

    I was just looking for a thanksgiving message for my children in church and I stumble on this lovely papa’s message..i have been able to lecture myself on reasons why we must give thanks to Almighty God..i can’t wait to pass this beautiful message across to my children in Church tomorrow…love you papa and remain bless forever..

  41. Amadi Sebastine says:

    Very good Daddy in the faith

  42. I’m glad to have come across this post. Thank you so much.

  43. Ogunmodede Ademola says:

    Daddy God bless and uphold you.

  44. saint c orie says:

    this is quite a lots of many blessings. I pray God to strengthen his servant and guide family amen cheers God bless you

  45. more anointing to our father in the lord.Bishop David Oyedepo

  46. Felix Wanjala says:

    What An Inspiration! God Bless You

  47. Okolobo Esther says:

    This message is a blessing to me.

  48. God bless you

  49. This is a great revelation and blessing. God bless you sir.

  50. Mawusi samuel says:

    This is a powerful message

  51. aaron celestina says:

    am highly bless

  52. GODS GENERAL says:

    Just needed to give an exhortation in church on “BRINGING A THANKSGIVING OFFERING INTO THE HOUSE OF THE LORD” then i stumbled on this,God bless Bishop and You; But will like to ask for a favour of getting messages on request to my mail. Stay blessed.

  53. Bless u papa am so blessed while l read dis msg

  54. Collins Adakole Odihi says:

    This is a power packed inspiration .You have raised my faith in God.Bless you in Jesus Name

  55. AUSTIN MONDAY says:

    This is an exposee, I have been blessed by this teaching.
    I appreciate sir.

  56. Pst. Okafor Vincent says:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful message, infact after going through my faith increases to another level.

  57. Olakulehin Olawale Adebayo says:

    A blessing.

  58. Pas. A O Kusimo. says:

    Indeed it’s a mystery. I’ve been really blessed, more anointing Papa.

  59. Oyewole says:

    What a wonderful piece. Thank God for your life sir. More anointing.


    Thanks for this message! in fact am prepared to share it with my members today. God bless my Bishop.

  61. I think this is what the world needs today.

  62. Chinwendu Ozonzeadi says:

    Amazing! Am blessed by this message,my understanding about thanksgiving has just increased. Thanks so much Daddy D.O

  63. Evang. Christopher Umesi says:

    Am blessed,the message is seasoned. God bless you more sir, more grace for higher achievement

  64. Awesome!

  65. Simon Ejimgini says:

    This message has given me more insight on the subject gratitude after reading it. l am blessed.

  66. ovie Vincent says:

    I was touch now I know the importance of thanksgiving.

  67. pst gbenga says:

    Hi, I am sure no plagiarism on this piece cos as it blessed me this morning I am pouring it down raw in the service again today. God bless Bishop and God bless the poster of this message.

  68. Ajayi Olugbenga says:

    What a wonderful message, i love it, God bless my Bishop

  69. This message is awesome.

  70. pst Amos P. parker says:

    I am so blessed, the message was fantamaglorious.

    • Glory to God!

    • Pastor Rehoboth says:

      I am blessed by this message,Now i know that Thanksgiving is the medicine after death, therefore the saying No Medicine after death is not true in the Kingdom that runs on Mysteries. Gratitude is what to DO when you know not what to DO. thank you Papa Oyedepo.

  71. BELLO PAUL says:

    Papa , thank you for this message.showing gratitude to the Almighty God, pave way for ones Breakthrough.

  72. Emmanuel Z. says:

    it is realy a mystery. waoh!

  73. Bayo Adesanya says:

    This message is deeper than what we are reading on the surface. It carries a lot of spiritual insights. I am really blessed by this great message. More anointing Sir to the Bishop of our time.

  74. Desmond Selorm Kofi Mensah says:

    Powerful message,I am touched by this. God bless you sir.

  75. Ubhimiye Frederick says:

    PapA is Papa wonderful message,God Almighty increase ur strength in Jesus name.

  76. Ojoka Unoma Helen says:

    Great one. Thanks sir

  77. Omotimirin Adedeji says:

    I enjoyed this message. May God continue to keep our papa, as he is fondly called.

  78. Mamosoatsi says:

    Thanks for blessing us with the word of God. God bless you mightily!


    Thanksgiving is the only thing that God want from me and you…

  80. emenyionu charles says:

    thank God we have men like him in this our time

  81. Ismail Adedeji says:

    this is what I will preach today……
    thanks bishop

  82. Impactful, more grace to my bishop

  83. It was powerful

  84. lucky dembo says:

    I thank the Almighty God for reading an inspirational message.

  85. Adesola Adesanya says:

    Great message

  86. Bob-Manuel wisdom (Rev) says:

    Am indeed blessed by this great,thought provoking sermon

  87. Thank you for this wonderful revelation.

  88. David enamiroro says:

    Great revelation

  89. Eno-Abasi says:

    God is Awesome

  90. God's grace says:

    Awesomely awesome Papa

  91. Odawn Monday says:

    Thank You lord for this revelation

  92. A nice one


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