Jan 14, 2011

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The Power of Speaking Into Your Future

The Power of Speaking Into Your Future

Hi, Jesus loves you

If you think you can win, you can win. Faith is necessary to victory – William Hazlitt. Our future is determined by what you think, say and do whether good or bad. All three must work together for you to have your future full of better results. The question is – are you engaging ALL THREE and are they faith-based?

Engaging thoughts and actions are not difficult to comprehend and practice but the speaking aspect is usually the missing ingredient. Speaking faith words blends with your thoughts and actions to give you a most successful life.

Do you want to see and experience a most successful month or year? Then you need to start saying so NOW. What you say now determines what you see tomorrow. Mark 11:23 says that you shall whatsoever you say! No one sows an orange seed and reaps a mango fruit. Keeping quiet is the same as sowing nothing and you will at the end reap nothing.

Therefore, if you want success, speak success words and not how everything you are doing is not working. If you want good health, speak health words and not how you always fall sick at the end of every month. Death and life are in the power of the tongue – King Solomon. Speak life that you may live.

The power of speaking faith into your future delivers your heart desires to you. It is not enough to think and act on your heart desires, it is important that you declare it aloud. Say it both to your hearing and to the hearing of anyone who cares to listen. You need to keep saying it until you see it.

As you say these faith filled words, your faith is strengthened. The more you hear them, the more you will believe that they will surely come to pass. This also applies to negative, doubtful and fearful words. The more you hear them, the more you believe they will come to pass. What you believe and say comes to pass. So be careful of what you hear and echo.

Speaking faith into your future truly delivers better results. You may have had setbacks, but it’s time for you to start speaking change into that situation. As you think and act towards a better future, add the speaking aspect of the process. No matter how short or long it takes; you will surely have what you say.

So, start declaring how favoured and blessed you are, how you are going to gain a profit beyond your wildest imagination, how you are going to enjoy good health very soon and how you are going to enjoy peace in your family this time, etc.

Your future deserves better results, so engage the power of speaking faith into your future and you will enjoy a most successful life.

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  1. Dumisani appollos says:

    Wise words..i shall speak and proclaim my future peaceful and successful

  2. Ann Abel says:

    Thank you for the power of speaking into your future I feel so Blessed to receive yhis ajd would love everyone i know to read this beautiful explanation of our faith. God Bless you

  3. You are indeed a blessing. May the good Lord bless you and continually uphold you.Thanks and Shalom.


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