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The end of a year opens up for a new year.  It is exciting and full of great expectation for some people but for others, it is full of uncertainty and crowded with fears. Many start the New Year with enthusiasm but end the year disappointed. However, this will not be so when there is adequate preparation.

A new year is a time for a new beginning and a fresh start. As the word “New” implies, the year had never been and surely no subsequent one will be the same with it. The past year may have been full of challenges and disappointment but you need to let them pass with the year. Start afresh and expect a most fruitful new year.

In this post, I give 7 simple steps to prepare for a fruitful new year

1. Evaluation

Every athlete takes a step backwards in preparation for a speedy take off. It is also necessary to take a look back into the preceding year in order to gain momentum for the New Year. Evaluate your actions and results, learn from your mistakes and move on. Examine your victory steps and gain more understanding.

2. Thanksgiving

Count your blessings, name them one by one and give glory to God. Even if the year went sour compared to your expectation, there are certainly many things to thank God for if you will take a moment to think. Thank God for the past year and the New Year. God is the author of the New Year and knows the end from the very beginning. Thanksgiving unto God moves Him to act on your behalf.

3. Expectation

Your expectation will not be cut off, what you expect is what you get. So, put down your expectations for the New Year. Write down both short and long term expectations that are achievable. This gives you targets to aim at and it turns on your creative ability.

4. Planning

Having a great expectation and doing nothing about it will still get you nowhere. There is need for you to plan on how to achieve your desires. Planning enables you to count the cost and to know the possibility of success and how much of it to expect.

5. Fasting and prayer

What is happening in your life now is a result of the prayer you prayed or did not pray earlier on. For you to enjoy a most fruitful New Year, you need to pray your plans into manifestation. The PLANS of the mind and orderly thinking belong to man, but from the Lord comes the (wise) answer of the tongue, (AMP, Proverbs 16:1) Present your plans to God and be ready also for any adjustments from God.

6. Execute and Trust in God

Trust in God’s ability to deliver a fruitful year to you and don’t lean on your own understanding, skills or strength. Believe God to help you every step of the way. Even if you encounter oppositions, trust God to handle it for you. He will always send the wisdom, help or favour, etc, that you need at the right time. He is the Almighty God!

7. Declaration

You shall surely have what you say, good or bad, (Mark 11:23-24) Start declaring your expectation for the year. Continue this throughout the year. As you declare it, you build up your faith for its manifestation.

These are simple but powerful steps to prepare for a most fruitful New Year. You have the chance this New Year to change your circumstances. Last year is gone and a new year has come, make the most of it. See you at the top.

How else can you prepare for the New Year?

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