God first is the right thingHi Jesus loves you.

Here is the concluding part of the last post:

You may say that those stories in Part 1 are stories I only heard.  Personally, I also have God story why you should put God first at all times. I will give three accounts of my steps with God based on my academics.

One time in secondary school days, I was torn between attending a Christian fellowship gathering or preparing for the test I was to have the following day. Finally I decided not to go and read. When I got to school the next day, the teacher cancelled the test. So next time I had the same challenge, I decided to attend the fellowship gathering as that was the right thing to do. When I came back, God gave me the strength to study and prepare beyond what I normally would have done. The next day, the test held and I did very well.

My problem was not attending fellowship gathering but time management. Two to three hours out of twenty-four hours, twice or thrice a week for God will not make anybody fail an exam. Putting God first will make the rest of the hours more productive. Also, you provoke God to release divine understanding to you and to crown your effort with excellence.

Another God story I have was when I was to choose what to study in the university. I had no particular purpose in life. I wasn’t even ambitious. I only wanted to be a university graduate. (Thank God I am different today). Finally I chose two courses, Computer science and Industrial Chemistry based on the subjects I liked most. Now, the problem became what to put as my first choice. So my mother asked a man of God to seek God’s direction on this issue for me. (Then I didn’t know how to do that for myself)

Humanly speaking, the answer if it were my country was very obvious. The demand for Computer science was more than Industrial chemistry and so the pass mark for it was going to be higher than that of Industrial chemistry, but my mother chose to put God first. After some days, the man of God told my mother that I should choose Industrial chemistry! My brother saw no sense in it at all but I did what the man of God said. It was the right thing to do. When the results came out I didn’t make the pass mark for Computer science but I made the top ten for Industrial chemistry. Putting God first spared me a year out of school and granted me opportunity to start off my success in life.

Third account was during my University days. I had some strange attack of sleeping while reading which I never had before and I didn’t do well in my first year exams. So I struggled to make up in my second year. Now in my second year I was nominated to lead my fellowship members in my hostel. I was torn between being committed to my assignment or facing my studies squarely and also fighting to overcome the challenge I was having.

Finally, I choose to put God first and serve during this period. God started teaching me how to overcome the sleeping problem and also how to read and prepare for my exams. During this period I learnt how to listen for God’s directions and to obey them. One time, He directed me to focus on solving past question papers and another time He led me to specific areas in my course outline to focus on more. I would enter the exam hall and find those questions or areas I focused on as most of the exam questions.

By my final year I had totally overcome the sleeping challenge. And I completed my first degree as one of the three students in my class who didn’t have to re-sit for any final year exams. I served as the hostel leader for my fellowship for two years and God proved Himself faithful in my life. I enjoyed success because I chose to put God first.

In conclusion, I have tested God and have seen that He is true to His words. Seek Him first and every other thing will be added to you including success in life.  Putting God first is indeed the right thing to do.

So what is your own testimony?

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