The Amazing grace of God, which is the unmerited favour of God and blessings has been given to all and can be multiplied. We are in the dispensation of grace and God’s grace is the key to a successful and victorious life. By Grace are we justified, saved, sustained, perfected, helped and alive, etc. That means we really need to grow in grace as Peter encouraged every Christian. This post gives the 3 ways to achieve this.

3 ways to increase the grace of God upon your life

1. Through the knowledge of God and Jesus

As you increase your knowledge of God, you also increase in God’s grace. The word of God reveals more about God to you; builds your faith in God and increases your tendencies to reach out for His grace. Jesus wants to make Himself known to us more and as we allow Him by studying God’s word and listening to sound teachings, His grace will be imparted upon us, even the grace of God to give.

2. Through prayers

Paul admonishes us to come boldly to the throne of grace and obtain grace. Jesus said that if we ask we shall receive. So ask God to multiply His Amazing grace upon your life, knowing that when you ask you shall surely receive. Receive more grace of God daily and your life will never be the same.

3. Through humility

God gives more grace to the humble, people who are humble enough to receive it. With humility, we provoke God’s mercy and intervention. Humility is an attitude of the heart and where self decreases. Therefore, as you decrease your focus on yourself and increase your focus on God, you multiply the amazing grace of God upon your life.

God’s grace is what we need to be able to serve God with diligence and acceptably. It is not by our works but by God’s grace. An understanding of His grace will change our perspective to life and our actions, releasing us to receive all the blessings that Jesus purchased for us with His blood without any extra input from us. It will help us to relax in Jesus, trusting Him in everything.

We will not struggle to get things done, depending on our own strength but we will depend on God absolutely. Our lives will not be burdened with guilt when our sins are already washed away. This is why we need to increase this amazing grace of God upon our lives. His grace is sufficient for us and is enough to get us to the top. Increase His grace upon your life starting from today.

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Hey, how has this post helped you? What do you think of this amazing grace of God?