There is no one greater in this house than I, nor has he kept back anything from me but you, because you are his wife. How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God? – Genesis 39:9

Successful slave in Potiphar’s house

Joseph was a successful slave in Potiphar’s house. This was because God was with him and made everything he did prosper. So, Joseph found favour with his master. And when Potiphar discovered that God was with Joseph and prospered everything he did, he handed everything of his to Joseph. After which he only concerned himself with the food he ate. So, God blessed the house of Potiphar because of him. And God blessed everything his master had both in his house and field.


  • No matter what your position is or where you are, if God is with you, you will be successful.
  • If God is with you He can cause you to find favour with your superiors.
  • It’s wise to always choose people whom God is with for any work you want done. This attracts God’s help and intervention over your work.
  • When a true child of God is with you, the Lord will bless your household and all that is yours for his sake.

Potiphar’s wife’s advances to Joseph

Joseph was a handsome man and Potiphar’s wife refused to control her lust towards him. So, she kept pressurizing him to sleep with her, which he consistently refused. This was because he considered such acts as wickedness against his master and sin against God. However, one day she was bent on having her way and he too was bent on remaining clean before God and his master. So, in the process, he left his garment with her. This she used to falsely accuse him that he came to rape her. Unfortunately, everyone believed her.


  • The fear of the Lord will always keep you from sin no matter the pressure.
  • Our fight with temptation may result in false accusations. Nevertheless, we must never yield to it.
  • There are certain temptations that the best approach to them is to flee. This is because your flesh may betray you when you least expect it.

Potiphar’s reaction

Yes, it was his wife’s word against Joseph’s words and good records, so Potiphar believed his wife and put Joseph in prison.


  • Your trusted one may not be the innocent one in a situation. There is always the need to be open to the possibility that the trusted one is the liar. Also, let the wisdom of God guide you all the time.

Joseph in prison

Surely, God went with Joseph to prison. And as usual, the Lord granted him mercy and favour before the keeper of the prison. Again, Joseph was put in charge of the prisoners there, and God prospered his works.


  • God goes with you anywhere you go.
  • As long as you haven’t changed towards God, He will not change towards you. What He did before for you He will do again no matter where you are.


Genesis 39


Jesus is Lord!

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