Jacob releases Benjamin to go to Egypt

When the food they bought earlier needed replacement, the issue of Benjamin going back to Egypt with his brothers arose again. Though Jacob still didn’t want to release Benjamin, he had to do so for the good of the entire family. This is because the governor in Egypt made it clear, that they shouldn’t come before him without their youngest brother. And the whole family would starve if they didn’t go to buy food from Egypt. So, Judah promised to be responsible for Benjamin.

The brothers return to Egypt

When Joseph’s brothers returned to Egypt, Joseph instructed his servants to take them to his house for dinner. The brothers reported to Joseph’s servants that they’d found their monies in their sacs out of fear. This was because they didn’t know why they were taken to the governor’s house. But the servant told them that they received their money; so, they do not owe.

Joseph receives his siblings

When Joseph returned home, he saw his brothers and his heart longed for Benjamin, his mother’s son. However, he didn’t disclose his identity to them. Also, he made them sit according to their ages, which surprised them greatly. And he sent more food to his brother Benjamin. They drank and were merry with him.


  • Joseph was a man with a large heart and a forgiving spirit. These are very vital if you’re to pursue peace with all men as God instructed. Joseph treated his brothers so well in spite of what they did to him. Surely, he walked in love towards them.


  • What we need to do will still be waiting for us to do it, no matter how long we run from it. The best we can do is to ask for God’s help and mercy. Joseph’s brothers’ trip back to Egypt with Benjamin was inevitable. Though Jacob tried to avoid it, he had no choice but to surrender to his sons. There was no alternative if they were ever going to get food for their families’ survival.


  • Jacob had to give up his personal interest for the interest of others. This is worthy of emulation. This is because the last thing Jacob wanted was to release Benjamin to his brothers. But, since there was no other way to get food for the family, he had to let Benjamin go with them. So, we must consider the welfare of others first before us.



Genesis 43

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