Joseph’s cup

Joseph got his servant to fill up his brothers’ bags with the grains, and put their money back into their sack. Also, the servant was to drop Joseph’s cup in Benjamin’s bag. And in the morning they let the brothers go home. However, after a while, Joseph sent his servant to chase after them and inquire about his cup.

The cup is found in Benjamin’s sack

When Joseph’s servant got to them and inquired about the cup, they denied having it. Then they asked him to check and that whoever has it will be killed and others become his slave. But the servant said that only the one with the cup will be his servant. And lo and behold, they found the cup in Benjamin’s sack. Then the brothers tore their clothes, packed their donkeys, and returned to Egypt. And when they got to Joseph’s house, Joseph told them to return to their father and that he will have Benjamin as his slave.

Judah intercedes for Benjamin

Judah explained to Joseph that Benjamin was the only surviving child of his mother and a child of their father’s old age. And that they can’t go back to their father without Benjamin. This was because their father would die if they ever returned without him. Furthermore, Judah pleaded that he himself be detained while Benjamin is released to go home.


  • One can never be too sure of anybody or anything, except God. Therefore, be careful how you vouch for anyone or anything. Joseph’s brothers were too sure that they, sons of Jacob, can never steal. Unfortunately, they didn’t consider the events that could have taken place before they carried their sacks.
  • Don’t make harsh statements you won’t be able to defend if things don’t go as you expected. Joseph’s brothers were quick to say that whoever has the cup will be killed. But, when they found it with Benjamin, they started pleading for mercy.
  • It’s good to have family ties. This is because when one is in trouble, others will rally around him or her to bail the person out of trouble. When Benjamin got into trouble, Judah was ready to take his place to ensure that he went home to their father.
  • When we plant good seeds in our children, we will certainly reap the fruit even in our old age. The children of Jacob cared about Jacob and didn’t want him to die on account of a lost child. So, they were ready to turn in themselves to ensure his peace and joy.



Genesis 44

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