Joseph revealed to his brothers

When Joseph couldn’t control his emotions towards his brothers anyone, he asked others to leave the room. And when they did, he told his brothers that he was Joseph and that he was sent to Egypt by God to preserve their lives and posterity. Therefore, they shouldn’t feel bad that they sold him to Egypt. This was because his brothers were dismayed by his presence. Furthermore, Joseph told his brothers to go and bring their father and families. Also, he told them that he would give them the best land in Egypt and cater for them. This he would do most especially because they still have five years of famine to come.

Pharaoh’s generosity towards Joseph’s brothers

When Pharaoh heard of the arrival of Joseph’s brothers, he was pleased. And he asked them to go and bring their families, and that he would give them the choicest part of Egypt. In addition, he gave them carts to go and bring their families.

The brothers returned home

So, Joseph sent his brothers back to go and bring their families and all that belonged to them. Also, he gave them garments and provisions for their journey. However, he gave Benjamin, his brother money and more garments.

Jacob hears the good news

When Joseph’s brothers got home, they told Jacob all that happened and that Joseph was governor over all of Egypt. However, Jacob initially didn’t believe them, but when he saw all that Joseph sent to him he believed. As such, Jacob’s spirit was revived and he was ready to go to Egypt to see his son Joseph again before his death.


  • Be careful how you treat people. This is because you don’t know what they will be tomorrow. Again, you don’t know if you will be at their mercy, needing their help in the future.
  • Surely, all things work together for our good as children of God. What Joseph’s brothers meant for evil turned out to be their saving grace. Also, all that Joseph went through culminated in him being in a position to save his family and the rest of the world.
  • People may not believe in your vision, but if it’s from God, it will surely speak even if it tarries. And at the end, your doubters will be there to witness the fulfilment of your vision.
  • Those who walk in righteousness and obey God’s instructions don’t see people, who are like obstacles in their lives as enemies. This is because they see them as necessary obstacles that must lead them to their high places. Joseph didn’t blame his brothers for selling him to Egypt. Rather, he saw their action as a necessary action that enabled him to preserve their lives and posterity.
  • When God’s favour is on you, people will favour you. This we see Pharaoh do to Joseph and his brothers. When Pharaoh heard that Joseph’s people were around, he was glad and offered them carts to use in bringing their families and stuff. Also, he promised to give them the best place in Egypt.
  • Our God is a good God. Sometimes, we get to receive back what we thought we had lost earlier. This is because the Lord prepares that thing for us to receive it back in a glorious state. For instance, not only did Jacob receive Joseph back but he also received him as the governor of Egypt.


No matter the challenges you may be facing, remain faithful to God, serving him. This is because, in due season, they will all disappear and you will see why God allowed them all.



Genesis 45

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