Aug 10, 2011

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A Work In Progress


Hi, Jesus loves you

Sometime ago, I was reflecting on my steps with God and a poem came into my mind. And I want to share it with you here. I believe it will bless you too.


I am a work in progress

Not a finished product

But I am in the process


I am in the hand of my maker

As a clay in the hand of a potter

Being moulded by the perfect moulder


I don’t look like who I am called to be

But I am not ashamed of what I am now

For I do not despise my little beginnings


I rejoice at every stage of my becoming

I praise my maker for what I will become

I will never allow myself to be beclouded


What I am now I use for His glory

I move from glory to glory

Reflecting my maker’s glory


Don’t laugh at me

Don’t make fun of me

He is working in me


My moulding is not without pain

Sometimes I look pale

Another time I look plain


But one thing is sure

I am a vessel of honour

I am to radiate His splendour


I am a work in progress

Not a finished product

But I am in the process

How is your walk with God?

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  1. Indeed we are work in progress. Though sometimes I wish I was fully molded and perfect with no cracks or dents. But the potter knows and he is indeed in control. As long as I continually seek him; someday I shall be his splitting image.

    • Hi Ndidi.
      Good to hear from you again. May God give us the patience to hold on until He is done with us.
      Remain blessed.

  2. it is a blessing to walk with our maker, thank you for once more reminds us that God is not yet done with us.We are still under construction and by the time He is done with us, the whole world will know. thank you Mommy and lots and lots of love.

  3. Awesome, I desire to get to that stage where I would be a finished product, smooth, polished and shining though sometimes it feels like the potter has abandoned the clay, lying ther on the floor as if He is not there. I know he will never forsake me.

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