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Imagine an executive woman that is a miserable wife and a depressed mother. Imagine a successful businessman with one or two wanted people as family members. Success in life is always threatened or hindered by lack of family success. All round success is only possible when there is peace, love and harmony in the family.

The emotional stress and strain that come with troubled family will inevitably affect your productivity at work. The mind is crowded with worried thoughts and cannot focus to reason well. Your relationship with co-workers, clients or staff deteriorates and everything goes haywire. Success in life is hinged to your family success.

No matter how insignificant an issue at home may seem initially, if not curbed may escalate to an undesirable situation. There is need for one to pay more attention to the family and make every necessary contribution towards her success. A family is like a garden that needs to be attended to regularly; otherwise, the weeds will over power the crops.

It is an erroneous decision to ignore the family and pursue your personal success. This is because a bad family reputation will haunt you. If you have a thief in the family, you will always be referred to as the sister or brother of the thief. A Leopard cannot run away from its spots.

So, what do you do to enjoy family success and success in life? How do you affect the lives of your family members?

  • Appreciate them – No one is a member of your family by mistake. Everyone is there to complement the others and bring out the best from the rest of the family. There is need for you to appreciate, honour and respect everyone of them. Make everyone to feel needed and important in the home.
  • Spend more time with them – Giving money when they want it can never take the place of fellowship. Spend more time with them, get to know them better. Talk with them and listen attentively to what they are saying. This builds confidence and security within the individual. Also, you can easily curb any evil seed trying to make some roots within the person.
  • Love them – Love covers multitude of evil. There is need for you to show love to every member of the family. Learn to say and act it. Family success is built on love. Always go out of your way to be a blessing to them. No matter your position in the family, encourage love and unity in the home.
  • Pray for them – You can’t be everywhere with them neither can you solve all their problems for them. But you can pray for them. You can believe God to do what you can’t do for them. Prayer will preserve them and will also build your family. Prayer invites God to intervene in your family issues.

For you to enjoy all round success in life, the family is the first place to start. Family success is the foundation for any other subsequent success you may pursue. To ignore your family is to impede progress in that area you so much desire to succeed in. Build your family and you will build your business or career, etc.

What else can you say about the place of family success in securing all round success in life?

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