Are you having a challenge with mental stress or anxiety and desire the presence of serenity, calm, quiet, comfort of mind? Problems are bombarding you from every side and your thoughts are making your heart so heavy, you wonder if you can ever find inner peace. There are many suggested ways to relieve this pain but in this article, I will give you the secrets to enjoy peace of mind in daily life, despite the storm of life, which have transformed my life.

How to achieve and enjoy peace

1. Believe in God’s love for you.

God loves everybody and desires to take away every pain in our lives. A father will never sit down and see his children suffering and do nothing when it is in his power to do something. There is nothing too hard for our God. Believe in God’s love that transforms lives and trust Him to take care of you. Jesus truly loves you; allow Him to give you that inner peace you really need.

2. Search for God’s words concerning those issues and stand by them

No matter what you are going through now, God has a word for it. Search the bible for what God says about that situation, believe God, hold onto the word and you will see that you will have peace of mind. God’s word is medicine, health to our body including our mind.

3. Pray and dwell in God’s presence

Making out time to dwell in God’s presence in prayer rubs of the peace of God on you. In His presence there are fullness of joy and pleasures for evermore. When you pray to God, you acknowledge His supremacy and your inability to help yourself; you hand over problems to Jesus and trust Him to handle them for you. You cannot dwell in God’s presence and pray in faith and come out still burdened.

4. Cast your burden on Jesus

It is one thing to pray to God and another to cast your burden on Him. Many people pray to God but carry their problems again immediately they rise from their knees. This shows that they do not believe that God can solve their problems. I encourage you to drop that load at the feet of Jesus. Let Him take care of it for you. He is an expert in solving problems and giving peace of mind.

5. Share your testimony and Jesus’ testimony

The more you share what Jesus has done for you, the more you build up your faith for another testimony; the more your fear of that challenge disappears and inner peace sets in. Also, telling people about Jesus and what He did for mankind will bring about salvation of souls and provoke God’s intervention on your behalf. As you get involved in God’s business, God will get involved in your business.

Challenges are bound to exit, those you have control of and those you do not control. People lack to enjoy inner peace during these challenges because they are looking for it in the wrong places. There are many suggestions on how to attain and enjoy peace of mind but they offer only temporary solution. Jesus, the prince of Peace, is the source of peace. Follow Jesus and the above steps and you will enjoy total peace daily no matter the storm of life. Always remember that the no matter the storm, Gods Love- A Must Have Weapon Against The Storm Of Life Delivers Peace Of Mind

References: John 3:16, 2 Chronicles 20:20, Proverbs 4:22, Psalm 16:11, Mathew 11:28-30, Revelations 12:11, Romans 10:15

How have these secrets helped you to enjoy peace of mind?