Please, do watch the video to listen to the reading of the chapter.

Verse 1-4

Offenses will surely come, but Christ admonishes that you should not be the offender. And He added that you should forgive those that offend you. Now, this includes as many times as he or she returns to you repenting.

Verse 5-10

You’re encouraged to have confidence and abiding faith in God. For, whatever you desire that is in line with God’s will shall be done for you. Also, whatever you do as your assignment, do it without expecting praise or thanks, rather see it purely as you doing your duty.

Verse 11-19

The lepers’ obedience is an act of faith, which is acting on God’s word without doubting or questioning the instructions. This is as in the case of Naaman; until he completed the instruction he remained a leper. Also, the passage makes it clear that until you return to give God thanks, you will not be made whole. As such, your miracle will not be perfected.

Verse 20-37

When you have Jesus fully in you, then you have the kingdom of God. And worthy to always remember, is that Christ will not come and people will be going to see Him in a particular place. Rather, He will come like lightning that will shine from one spot in heaven and you’ll see it here on earth. And this will be so no matter where you may be on earth.

Again, everything will be moving and working normally on earth when Jesus returns. And you’re admonished not to be attached to any material possession so as not to turn out like Lot’s wife. In addition, don’t try to save your life, so you don’t lose it. Instead, ensure that you’re one of the eagles who will gather together wherever Christ will be.

Jesus is Lord

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