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Verse 1-9

God expects us to be wise and smart as the unbelievers are in their own things. But this time, in what is right, using challenges to provoke yourself to strategic ways of overcoming your challenges. This is to ensure that you really make it on earth and not just get by. And also have people to fall back to when you need them.

Verse 10-13

Faithfulness is an important virtue to have if you desire to have true riches and to have your own business or success in life. Also know that you can’t serve God and the enemy at the same time. Surely, you will have to hate one and be loyal to one. So, choose wisely.

Verse 14-18

Let’s have this at the back of our minds that whatever is highly accepted by the world is an abomination before God. So, any time unbelievers are highly celebrating anything, it’s an indication that it will surely displease God. And know that you have to press hard to enter the kingdom because none of God’s words will go unfulfilled. Surely, you have to press, otherwise, you will fall into the trap of the world.

Verse 19-31

Life in this world is insignificant compared to eternity either in hell (A place of torment) or in heaven (A place of comfort). So, also are the good and bad things in the world. Therefore, no matter, what you may be enjoying or suffering in this world, know that it’s very temporary. So, don’t build your castle with it. Rather, focus on preparing to spend eternity with Christ in heaven. And remember that you get set by hearing the word of the Lord and doing it.

Jesus is Lord

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