In this world we will have challenges, storms of life. Situations around us will perturb us; sometimes discouragement or depression may set in throwing us off course. At such times, Gods love gives us the strength to go through it and emerge victorious. An understanding of the love of God for you gives you the assurance that God will give you victory again.

Our God is ever ready to shower His love for us but many times we do not let Him. We usually allow the storms of life to so overwhelm us that we find it difficult to look unto God for help; sometimes we even do not remember God at that period.  We would rather cry, wale, run here and there than seek for the help of our God in heaven.  God Jesus is bigger than all our problems and He is more than able to solve the problems for us.

Guilt hinders people from receiving Gods love for them. They find it strange to believe that God can come to their rescue even when they have done wrong. Gods love is different from the world’s kind of love. It is true that God hates sin but he loves sinners. The love of God will deliver first and afterward show you how not to commit the wrong again.

Gods love gives us peace of mind when we acknowledge that He loves us and that if He could sacrifice His only son for us, then there is nothing He would not give us. When we focus on Jesus and not the problem, He being the Prince of Peace will flood peace into our minds. We would be calm enough to receive instructions on how to overcome the challenge before us. Jesus does have the answer to every challenge.

Are you in need of peace of mind? Believe in and receive Gods love for you. Jesus who knows the end from the beginning will cause that situation to turn around for your good. Our God will cause you to smile and laugh again. Victory is sure when Jesus is in charge. He has never failed and He will never fail.

Have you ever experienced the peace of God in the midst of storm? Please share your experience with us.

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