Live by the love of GodHi, Jesus loves you.

Do you desire to do and live right all the time? Or are you struggling with all manner of temptations and you need help? I have good news for you. The power to overcome the weakness of the flesh and please God lies on the law of the New Covenant: the love of God. This post explains how God’s love helps you to live right.

For the love of Christ controls and urges and impels us, because we are of the opinion and conviction that [if] One died for all, then all died; And He died for all, so that all those who live might live no longer to and for themselves, but to and for Him Who died and was raised again for their sake – 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 (AMP)

Love does no wrong to one’s neighbor [it never hurts anybody]. Therefore love meets all the requirements and is the fulfilling of the law – Romans 13:10 (AMP)

Many people sincerely  desire to obey God and His commands but are most times defeated because they have not embrace Christ’s new commandment to us: that we should love one another even as He had loved us, John 13:34. Your victory over sin depends on how much you obey this instruction.

The love for God and man in you delivers the power to do and live right to you. Your love for God will urge you to please Him and your love for your neighbor will help you to do good to him. The love of God in your heart will not allow you to think evil of anyone talk less carrying it out.

When you understand that the life you live now is Christ living in you, and that you are no longer to live to and for yourself but to and for Christ, the power to do good will be greatly increased in you. And Living for Christ is to walk in love at all times.

When you struggle with walking in love, it means that you are not yet dead to self ( Romans 6:6-11), but your desire to please your flesh is still very much alive. God’s love empowers you to put God and His will first before your own will and desires.

Moses is a good example of a man who walked in love. The Israelites had disobeyed and angered God, and God decided to eliminate and build another nation through Moses. But Moses didn’t allow God to do so, instead he pleaded on behalf of the people and God repented of the harm that he had planned for the Israelites, Exodus 32:9-14.

Joseph, for the love of God in him, would not give in to Portiphar’s wife’s temptation. He called it wickedness (against his master) and sin against God. He preferred to be put in prison than for him not to walk in love and disobey God, Genesis 39:7-21.

Another example in the scriptures is Paul. He got to the point where he desired to die and go and be with the Lord, but his love for mankind made him to decide to stay a little longer to help the people be established in the faith, Philippians 1:21-25.

Furthermore, Our Lord Jesus Christ is a perfect example. He died for mankind while we were yet sinners (Romans 5:8) so that we can be reconciled back to God and to the original state and authority we had before the fall of man. He endured the shame and the evils done to Him because of His love for God, the father and mankind, Hebrews 12:2.

In conclusion, many people are walking in love and are exercising the power to do and live right before God and are succeeding. You too can do likewise today.

How has the love of God helped you to live right?


Ngozi Nwoke

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