Have you ever wondered how a ‘slave boy’ like Daniel could become a manager leader in a foreign land? Do you know that Daniel was the second-in-command under four rulers? Daniel, a Jewish prince, was a slave in Babylon who rose in hierarchy to the envy of his colleagues. He had a revelation of what would happen before the end of this present world long before John wrote the book of Revelation by the inspiration of Holy Spirit. What was his secret of success? The secrets that lifted him include the following:

  • He feared the Almighty, our God more than man

Daniel’s fear of God was what kept him from disobeying the laws of God when the laws of men where contrary. He refused to join the group of people who danced to the tune of the ruler at the expense of their beliefs and as a result our God gave him favour before men.

  • He loved God more than his life

Daniel would rather die than compromise his relationship with the Almighty God. His love for God was stronger than his desire to live. When his colleagues set traps for him, he did not waver in his fellowship with God which was going to end his life.

  • He was faithful and diligent in his business

Daniel’s faith in God did not exempt him from working hard; instead he manifested the grace of our God in diligent service. God is a hard worker and his followers are to emulate Him. His colleagues could not find any fault with him in relation to his work because he was always at his best. His faithfulness gave him favour before all the rulers.

  • He was very studious and prayerful.

Though he was a busy man, the most senior president, he still found time to commune with the Almighty God, our God who knows the end from the beginning. God delivered to him the keys with which he excelled during his quiet time. The interpretations of the ruler’s dreams were given to him while he sought God in prayers.

  • He had an excellent Spirit

Another secret of Daniel that boosted his manager leader qualities was an excellent Spirit which was given to him by God. The Spirit of God was upon him and was evident in his day to day activities. This distinguished him from the other leaders and showed that it pays to serve God. The secrets of Daniel that made him a successful manager leader is still making people leaders to be reckoned with. Anybody who walks in the footsteps of Daniel will enjoy God’s backing because he shows Himself faithful on behalf of those who walk uprightly. Ultimately, God is the one who enthrones and He rules in the kingdom of men.

What do you have to say about Daniel’s success?