Everybody not doingHi, Jesus loves you.

Have you ever been pressured into doing or saying what you would not have done or said? Have you ever been cornered into this common saying, “everyone else is doing it?” The truth is that not everyone is doing it! There are still many people who fear God, men and women of character and integrity who will not bow the knees no matter what.

Yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him – 1 Kings 19:18 (NKJV)

For I am with you, and no one will attack you to hurt you; for I have many people in this city – Acts 18:10 (NKJV)

When many get to the cross road, they tend to yield to the easy way out ignoring their conscience. The world is looking for ways to justify her evil ways and everyone who follows the way of the world always end up in destruction. There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end is the way of death.

The saying, “everyone else is doing it” is straight from the pit of hell to lure people into doing the wrong things and pacifying their conscience. Majority may be doing the wrong thing but there is always a minority that is still holding unto the truth.

That many people are doing it does not make it right. God will not judge you by the majority vote, but by the truth which will never change for anyone or any generation.

Those who will never bow the knees are not farfetched. If you will be patient, holding unto the right thing, your eyes will see them. It starts with your values in life. What you value will lead you to those who value the same things in life. Like begets like.

Elijah thought he was the only servant of God remaining but God corrected him. God sees and knows all; even the intents of the heart are not hidden from Him. Ask God to show you your fellow Christian believer.

And if you are yet to see those who believe in doing the right thing, choose to be the light in the midst of darkness. It takes only one man to start a change. Why not be that one man today?

Many people succumb to the saying, “everyone is doing it” because of carnality, impatience, fear, insecurity, greed, love of money, desire for short cuts, laziness and lack of knowledge etc. Take the responsibility over your life and don’t be swayed by the winds of the world.

Spirituality is the solution to this challenge. Reverence for God empowers you to shine forth as stars in the midst of thick darkness. Spirituality helps you to stand your ground on an issue and not bow the knees.

The three Hebrew boys chose to burn rather than to bow their knees, because they feared God. Likewise Joseph chose to abandon his garment with Portiphar’s wife and face the consequences rather than commit adultery with her. Also, Daniel chose to be thrown into the lion’s den rather than cease worshipping the only true God.

None of the above servants of God perished for standing for the truth. Instead their steadfastness saved them and delivered honour and promotions to them. You don’t have to sing everybody’s songs nor dance to their tunes. Sing your right song and dance to your right tune and God will lift you above them all if you faint not.

In conclusion, though many people may be doing the wrong things, you can choose to be different. Be rest assured that you are not alone in the boat. God still has many people who have not bowed the knees.

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