Life gives you what you make of it. Invest in it and you will reap throughout life. Waste it and you will reap the repercussions. The choice is always ours. People may influence us but they don’t make the decisions for us. We do ALWAYS! Pressure may be much but we can subdue it.  We have the ‘will power”. You should use it.

How to overcome negative influences
1.  You need to know that you are unique
There is no identical you. Somebody may look like you but can never be you.  For instance, you have a different finger print from anybody. It also means that you can’t be anybody else no matter how much you try. Even if you change your appearance, you are still you. So accept who you are, love who you are! You are not at all inferior to anybody. It is just what you think. You are unique and special!

2.  Have a purpose.
A wise man said that when a purpose is unidentified, abuse is inevitable. Discover your purpose in life and pursue it. Be focused and avoid distractions. Pursuing your purpose keeps away any unrelated and unwanted influence. An idle mind will certainly fall for any suggestion. There is no vacuum in life.

3. Choose to be a leader.
You either lead or you follow. When you lead you will be the one to influence others. Using your purpose in life, add value to other people’s lives. Show them how to be their best. They will follow you. Be the good leader.

4.  Develop yourself.
Build up yourself. Be versatile. A good knowledge of many topics or issues will put you ahead of others. This will draw the right people to you.

5. Maximize your time
Successful people are always time conscious. Anything that will not add to them does not get their attention. So, always consider the value of a thing before you get involved. Your time is precious. You can never get “yesterday” back.

6.  Choose the right company.
Your friends should be people who have goals in life and are working towards it. Preferably people who are of the same purpose as you are. Birds of the same feather flock together.

7. Choose what you read, watch or listen to.
Whatever you store in your mind will affect you. It will influence your words, actions and thoughts. Choose what will not jeopardize your future.

Negative influences have destroyed many relationships and lives. It is not late to avoid it

How else can you overcome negative influences?

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