Imagine a married man living like a bachelor. What picture can you see, a happy and contented man or an angry and frustrated man? Evenfor the married woman, how does she look living like a spinster? Marriage is more than the marriage certificate and the change of name.Now there are various reasons why couples choose to live apart, in themselves; the reasons are genuine and understandable. But considering the consequences both now and in the future, it is not the best idea for them to choose to live away from each other.  Let’s look at why it is not the best choice.

1. Companionship

Marriage provides the platform for companionship. How will one enjoy this companionship when the spouse is not there? Husbands tend to end up in bars, casinos, etc just to fill up the vacuum and the wives become embittered. You got married because you wanted to spend the rest of your life with your spouse.

2. Joint decisions

Technology has made it a bit easier for married couples to communicate with one another but it cannot replace one-on-one discussion. When apart, spouses tend to make decisions without consulting the other and when they do, the other may just agree or disagree without understanding the situation on ground.

3. Love and care

Everyone desires to be loved and cared for. How will you be loved and cared for when your spouse is not around? Hearing him say he loves you over the phone is not the same as when he looks into your eyes and says it and the expression on his face showing how much he cares for you. What of the touch that is impossible with distance? How will you care for or comfort your spouse when he/she is down emotionally or sick if you are far away. Distance is a big barrier for married couples to love and care for one another

4. Marital infidelity

It is easier for married people to become unfaithful to their spouses if they do not live together. The temptation will be stronger and the strength to ward it off may reduce with time. Exposing your spouse to such temptation is not a good relationship advice. It may threaten the marriage after a while.

5. Children’s upbringing

Married couples should stay together for the sake of their children. Every child needs to grow under the care of both parents both for love and discipline. Many children who grow up under single parents tend to be emotionally imbalanced. It is easier for them if the parent is dead than when they know he/she is around somewhere.

6. Unhealthy independence

The spouses tend to be too independent of each other when they live apart. By the time they finally start living together, it becomes difficult to adjust to the new setting. The wife may find it difficult to submit to her husband and the husband may find the wife irritating when she tries to get involved in his affairs.

7. God’s commandment

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife…”  God desiring to relieve us of any heartache commanded that married couples should stay together. Obeying God is to enjoy a successful marital life.

Truly, some couples cannot help living apart from one another, but it is advisable to shorten the period of separation as fast and as much as possible. Look beyond the now to the future and make a decision to stay together, this really is a good relationship advice.

What other reason can you give why married couples should stay together?

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Image @Dreamstime by Fred Goldstein