Jacob’s Family stands before Pharaoh

Joseph took some of his brothers and presented them to Pharaoh. And he told him that they were shepherds and are presently in Goshen. Then Pharaoh asked the brothers what their occupation was, and they affirmed that they were shepherds from the time of their forefathers. Then, Pharaoh asked Joseph to put one of his brothers in charge of his own livestock. Also, Pharaoh asked Joseph to give his father and brothers the best land in Egypt, which happened to be Goshen. And Joseph did so.

Jacob stands before Pharaoh

Then Joseph brought his father before Pharaoh. And Pharaoh asked Jacob how old he was, and he said that the days of his pilgrimage were one hundred and thirty years, few and yet evil. Also, he told him that he hadn’t attained the ages his fathers’ reached before dying. Then Jacob blessed Pharaoh and left.

Joseph deals with the famine

The famine was too severe and got to the point that the people didn’t have money again to pay for grains. So, they started buying food with their livestock. And when their livestock finished, the people asked Joseph to buy them and their land for food. So, Joseph bought them and all the land for Pharaoh, except the lands of the priests. And the people were okay with it because they said that Joseph had saved them, and they would be Pharaoh’s servants. Then, Joseph gave them seeds to plant and they were to give one-fifth to Pharaoh when they harvested the produce. So, four-fifth was theirs to do as they wished. Then Joseph made it a law over the land of Egypt, that Pharaoh would have one-fifth of their harvests. This excluded the land of the priests, which did not become Pharaoh’s land.

Joseph is to bury Jacob at their burial place

Jacob lived for seventeen years in Egypt. And when it was time for him to die, Jacob called Joseph. Then he made him promise him that he would not bury him in Egypt but in their family burial place in Canaan.


  • Seeing our stay on earth as a pilgrimage will help us to consciously choose to do the right things and live well.
  • There is always something to trade to get what you want or to make your life better. So, with the help of the Holy Spirit, look inwards and around you for what you can trade.
  • The wisdom of God will enable you to handle situations that are beyond you. Joseph through the wisdom of God in him was able to settle the Egyptians during the famine, and everyone was happy.


When the favour of God is upon you, you will find favour before God and man. Also, when the wisdom of God is upon you, you’re enabled to carry out your duties effectively.



Genesis 47

Jesus is Lord!

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