God visited Jacob as he journeyed to Egypt

As Jacob journeyed to Egypt, he stopped at Beersheba and offered sacrifice to God. Then, God visited him in the night and assured him that He was going with him into Egypt. Also, the Lord encouraged him not to be afraid of going to Egypt. Furthermore, He promised him that He would bring them up again from Egypt. And that Joseph was going to close his eyes in death.

Jacob’s family who went to Egypt

Jacob went to Egypt with all his children, his children’s children, both sons and daughters, and his son’s wives. Also, he went with all his livestock and the goods he acquired in Cannan. They were sixty-six persons that came from Jacob’s body and went from Cannan to Egypt. However, his son’s wives were not included. Then Joseph, his two sons with Jacob made them seventy persons of the house of Jacob who went to Egypt.

Joseph meets his father

When Joseph heard that his father had reached Goshen, he went to meet him. And when he saw him, he wept for a while on his neck. Then, Jacob said to him that he should let him die now he had seen that he was still alive.

Joseph’s brothers are to stay in Goshen

Joseph proposed to tell Pharaoh that his brothers and father’s household were shepherds so that they would be allowed to stay in Goshen. This was because shepherds were abominations to the Egyptians, and they wouldn’t want to live near them.


  • If you reach out to God, He will reach out to you. When Jacob stopped during the journey and offered sacrifices to God, God visited him in the visions of the night.
  • When God is leading you, you will get assurance from Him that He’s the one leading you. And He may give you further revelations of what to expect in the future.
  • God is aware of all our longings and He’s capable of making them come to pass. In this story Jacob’s journey to Egypt, God honoured the father and son’s longing to see one another.
  • God can use one man to be a source of blessing to a multitude. God used Joseph to be a source of blessing to seventy persons from Jacob’s body. This was apart from the sons’ wives.
  • When you love someone you will look out for the best for the person. Joseph showed how he loved his family by choosing to give them the best portion of land in Egypt.


In this world full of challenges, God is able to lead you to the best He has for you. And also, grant you your heart desires.



Genesis 46

Jesus is Lord!

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