Jesus loves you.

Yesterday, 22nd March was my birthday and I celebrated it in a grand style, (I am yet to recover from it).  God showed His love to me and some wonderful brethren made my day so glorious. May God bless them greatly.

I started the day with some birthday wishes and blessings from my husband. I thought the day will go like most of my other birthdays. But God had better plans for me.

A sister (Nkechi) entered my house and started scolding me (lovingly) for dressing very casually on my birthday. She said she wanted to take me out for breakfast with another sister (Tina) who also drove in then, that I should go and change my clothes. It sounded great but someone was working in my house. I asked to be given some time so that she could finish. They seemed to have agreed. So we sat down to chat.

Then, a deaconess in the church came, followed by a large cake, beautifully decorated. I felt ah, the decoration team sent her to bring it, (She is in the decoration team in our church). I offered to give her a drink but Nkechi kept urging me to go and change my clothes. So I got up to do so but came back to give the deaconess the drink first. Then, I saw Tina spreading a table cover over my dining table. I was surprised and she too was surprised to see me come back too soon. I looked towards the door and Nkechi was bringing in a chafing dish.

What is happening? I asked. Then, it donned on me that they wanted me out of the sitting room so they could set the table. We were not going out of my house for any breakfast! But then, the dishes were too big for three! How many people am I to expect this morning? I screamed. This is serious.

I rushed to go and change finally. I came out with something better but not too dressy, but Nkechi rejected it and sent me back. Soon after I came out, cars started driving in and people were streaming into my sitting room. Wow! What a surprise! Birthday wishes and gifts were rolling out and I was hugging, laughing and smiling cheek to cheek.

And the party started. People made their comments and prayers were said for me. We took pictures (TAKE A LOOK AT SOME HERE) and we settled to enjoy what was more of a brunch than a breakfast, but very delicious I must say.

Did I enjoy my day? I really did. What touched me most was that people took permission from their offices to come and spend this time with me. Some of them were coming to my house for the first time. Furthermore, they were only informed a day earlier and they still came. Those, who couldn’t come still called or sent texts, blessing me on this lovely day.

I saw love expressed in a touching way. Really love knows no bound. Truly, it is not love if not expressed and if it costs you nothing.

I appreciate all who made my birthday a memorable one. I also appreciate you my readers for sharing this story with me. God bless you all.

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Image by Will Clayton