Please, do watch the video to listen to the reading of the chapter to understand better.

Verse 2-4

According to the Lord’s Prayer:

  • God has to be your Father first
  • Then you kick off with praise
  • Pray for His kingdom to be established on earth
  • And His will to be done on earth too
  • Focus on God’s business before you start asking for your desires to be met by God
  • Also know that God is committed to your daily meals
  • And you should allow tomorrow to think about itself
  • Furthermore, you’re never to worry, though you should plan well.
  • Finally, you must clear yourself of all sins and ensure that you forgive others, for God to forgive you too

Verse 8-12

Ask God until you receive your desires in Christ. This is because if you ask it will be given to you. And when you seek, you will find. Also when you knock, it will be opened to you

Verse 13

Certainly, our Heavenly Father will always do better than our earthly fathers. So, put your trust in Him.

Verse 16-20

You have nothing to prove to the world as a child of God. No matter what you do, they will find faults. So, let no man push you to sin against God. Rather, let your life and works speak Christ and for you.

Verse 21-23

Be strong and fully armed in Christ, who is the strongest of all forces. Otherwise, your weapons can’t save you when a stronger man comes upon you. And know that you can’t be indifferent; you’re either for Christ or for the enemy.

Verse 24-26

It’s important that you continuously feed on God’s word and follow up new converts. This is to ensure that there’s no vacuum in your lives that will attract the enemy. For, the enemy’s return to your lives will make you worse than you were before your salvation.

Verse 28

Surely, it’s good to be associated with Christ, but it’s more important that you hear and do the word of God.

Verse 32

We should be careful not to reject the gospel of Christ now, because it won’t be easy on the judgment day.

Verse 33-36

You don’t feed on God’s word, get lighted and hide your light. Rather, you’re to keep shining and let other people use your light see the right path to take. However, you must be careful that no part of you has a form of darkness in your life. For instance, you must ensure that your thoughts are not dark.

Verse 42

You can’t pay attention to justice and love of God, practice them and not pay attention to tithe and other instructions of God. This is because they move you to obey the rest of God’s word.

Verse 53-54

Be careful when you’re made to talk a lot. For in the multitude of words, you’re most likely to say the wrong things, which will be used against you.

Jesus is Lord

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