Please, do watch the video to listen to the reading of the chapter to understand better.

Verse 1-3

There is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known, forever.

Verse 4-7

You should not be afraid of any man, who can ONLY kill the body. But fear God, who will not only kill the body but also throw the person into hell. Besides, you are more valuable than birds. So, God will watch over you to protect you. Therefore, fear God more.

Verse 8-12

Be bold to confess Christ before men, so that He will not deny you before His angels. And ensure you don’t blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, for it’s dangerous to do so. And when you’re queried about Christ, don’t be bothered because the Holy Spirit will give you what to say at that time.

Verse 13-21

As our Lord Jesus Christ, don’t abuse your privileged position of authority and know the boundaries of your authority. Also, know that life is not all about possession, so don’t be covetous. Rather lay up treasures in heaven and be rich towards God, for your soul is more important than earthly possessions.

Verse 22-34

Christ stresses here that we should not worry about anything, including what to eat, drink or wear. Surely, worrying doesn’t solve anything; rather it compounds it, like health deterioration. And Christ says that if you can’t add to your stature by worrying, then you can’t do anything else by it. In addition, your heavenly Father knows that you have need of these things. However, God desires that you seek first the kingdom of God, which He desires to give you, and every other thing will be added to you. Also take note that where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.

Verse 35-48

You’re to live like those waiting for the second coming of Christ every moment. Therefore, be watchful and ever ready, for Christ will come when you least expect it. And if you’re privileged to be a leader, ensure you serve well. This is because to whom much is given, much is required. And the servant who knew his master’s will and disobeyed it will be punished more than the person who didn’t know the master’s will.

Verse 49-56

Anybody following Christ should be ready to experience division. This is because not everyone will receive the gospel of Christ and those who reject Him will be against those who accept Him. Also, it’s important that you discern the times and ensure that you remain rooted in Christ.

Verse 57-59

As much as you can, live in peace with all men. But if you have a problem with someone, try and make peace before it goes before the Judge.

Jesus is Lord

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