Verse 2-3

This is a good example of a master loving his servant. How dear are your helpers to you? Truly, we should have good relationships with our helpers or subordinates.

Verse 4-5

The goodness you show to people will cause you to find favour before God and man.

Verse 9

Truly, the centurion manifested great faith. We need to grow to this point where we believe God’s words and act on them without doubting. And not to be looking for men and women of God to lay hands on us or visit us. This is not wrong though, but we need to build up ourselves too.

Verse 11-17

As usual, Christ went about doing good. And His compassion for the widow moved Him to call back the young man into his body; thereby, causing great joy in that family and community. This is what God wants us to be doing too; causing great joy in the hearts of many people, including widows.

Verse 23

You should not be offended in God no matter what. For you need Him more than anything else to succeed and overcome in this world. Unfortunately, John, the forerunner of Christ developed doubts at the last stage of his walk on earth. May this not be our portion in Jesus name.

Verse 28

A thought crossed my mind here. And that is, that you may be great on the earth, but the least in God’s kingdom is greater than you are. Truly, what counts is your place in the kingdom.

Verse 33-34

Just as Christ didn’t please everyone, you can’t please everyone. Therefore, focus on pleasing God and you will be balanced without errors.

Verse 35

Those who follow the wisdom of God will always be justified. And the bible is God’s wisdom bank.

Verse 36

Christ had a form of social life, though He uses every opportunity to teach the word of God. So, don’t be an island in the name of being a Christian. However, your company must be a group of true believers to remain safe from corruption.

Verse 50

No matter how deep you may be in sin, there is forgiveness and salvation awaiting you if you will only believe. This is because God will forgive and forget your sins if you genuinely repent from your heart.

The same goes for the sinners you know. This is because any day they repent and turn to God all their sins will be forgiven. So, we too should forgive them and let their past pass.


Lord, use me to cause great joy in the hearts of many people in Jesus name.

Jesus is Lord

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God bless you.

Ngozi Nwoke

Grace and peace of God be unto you.

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