Please, do watch the video to listen to the reading of the chapter.

Verse 1-12

Hallelujah! Christ has risen as He said. Surely, every other thing He said will also come to pass. Also, note that Peter, who was chosen by Jesus to lead the disciples, was the first to go and check the tomb. Truly, God doesn’t make mistakes in His choices. His plan for you is the best for you.

Verse 13-27

May the Lord help us not to be slow in believing the words of God. The scriptures are all about Christ: His mission, power, supremacy, birth, death, resurrection, and return. And now that most of the prophecies concerning Him have come to pass, His return is sure.

Verse 28-35

The Holy Communion (The body and the blood of Jesus) is a powerful meal. And among the great benefits it delivers is the opening of your spiritual eyes. This enables you to have access to the revelations of God. Also, the hearts of the men were pricked because the word of God will never leave you the same way when you receive it.

Verse 36 -42

Christ truly rose again with His body, and not as a spirit. He proved it by eating their food and they were able to touch Him too.

Verse 44 – 49

God is a strategist and He only takes calculated steps. All He wrote and carried out concerning Christ were very necessary for the salvation and restoration of man. So, we must go out and preach it so that many people may be saved. Also, note that Christ opened their understanding to understand the scriptures. You need this too for you to effectively reach out to souls for Christ. So, ask Jesus to open your understanding too. Furthermore, ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit so as to fulfil your destiny and serve God effectively.

Verse 50 – 53

The blessings of Christ, as He released on the disciples, are with us. And His joy is upon us, that we should praise and bless God all the time.

Jesus is Lord

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