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Verse 1-4

What you give that costs you something, no matter how small, is rated higher than what you give when you give out of your abundance. This most of the time will be a sacrifice to you.

Verse 5-19

The signs of end time include people claiming to be Jesus Christ. This is already happening. So, let’s be careful to avoid falling into their traps. Also, great persecution of Christians will occur, including being brought before the judgment seat. But God promised to give us a mouth and wisdom that the enemy cannot resist nor contradict. Furthermore, you will be hated for the name of Christ, but don’t give in to them. Rather, patiently follow Jesus till the end.

Verse 20-28

Truly, the end time events will surely occur. This is because the word of the Lord must be fulfilled, and it shall be even as it is written. These end-time events will be such that men’s hearts will fail them out of fear and expectations of what was going to happen before the second coming of Christ. The best is to live as if Christ is coming now so that we will not fear or panic when these things start happening.

Verse 29-38

Some of the end-time events are happening now already. A thousand years is like a day to God, so nobody knows when this present day of His is going to end. And everything will be done as it is written, for none of His words will pass away. So, be careful, watch and pray, and don’t be entangled with the cares of this life, to escape all the woes awaiting the world. Also, maximize your time on earth like Jesus, who would teach in the day and spend the night with God.

Jesus is Lord

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