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Verse 1-6

Truly, your worst enemy is the one who eats with you. As such we should only trust God absolutely, for He is able to deliver you from all your enemies no matter where they are coming from.

Verse 7-13

Christ is able to organize anything for you. This is because everything is subject to him and obeys His commands. Surely, nothing is impossible with God.

Verse 14- 23

Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper (The Holy Communion) and He said we should take it in remembrance of Him. And the disciples obeyed this instruction and were breaking bread daily from house to house. Therefore, it’s important that we eat the Lord’s Supper daily like the disciples.

Verse 24-30

The greatest is the one who serves the others, just as our Lord Jesus was among His disciples as he who serves.

Verse 31-34

It’s not enough to make a bold declaration of your decision to follow Christ till the end; you need to back it with continuous prayers. This is because the enemy will always try to make you fall in your spiritual work with God.

Verse 35-38

When Christ sends you to do anything, He makes provisions available for you. But when He doesn’t send you, you will have to provide for yourself. Again, always remember that there is an end to everything concerning us. Therefore, ensure that your end is God’s best end for you.

Verse 39-46

Prayer is the key needed to overcome temptations. And Christ showed us an example to follow; His prayers in Gethsemane helped Him not to fall into the temptation of backing out from going to the cross to die. Rather, the angels strengthened Him and He succeeded in fulfilling God’s plan of redemption for man.

Verse 47-53

As a follower of Christ that is always obedient to God’s word, no evil can come to you except God allows it.

Verse 54-62

Surely, we can’t indulge in the flesh and expect to win spiritual battles. Peter, who slept instead of praying when he ought to pray, fell into temptation and denied his master three times. Therefore, ensure to watch and pray to avoid falling into temptation.

Verse 63-71

No matter what you may go through for the sake of Christ, always remain true to God.

Jesus is Lord

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