Please, do watch the video to listen to the reading of the chapter.

Verse 1-8

Christ manifested great wisdom here. Truly, you should tune to God for the right words at all times, especially when they are querying you about your faith in Christ. Also, note that Christ didn’t tell a lie like the priests, but told them that He wouldn’t answer them. Therefore, you should under no circumstance tell a lie.

Verse 9-19

If you abuse your office, don’t do your work, and are unfruitful and wicked to people, then your assignment will be given to another. Furthermore, Christ is the cornerstone and anyone who fights against Him gets either broken or crushed

Verse 20-26

Be careful and sensitive not to fall into the traps of the enemy, especially those targeted against your faith in Christ. On another hand, many people are running with ‘Give Caesar what is Caesar’s in the area of bribery. This brings them to disobey God. So, always do what is right, and don’t use one scripture to justify your evil. Rather balance scriptures with scriptures to get a better understanding of God’s will. Certainly, the wisdom of God is greater than the devil’s or man’s wisdom.

Verse 27-40

There is no marriage in heaven, but there’s resurrection. This is because God is the God of the living and not the dead. Finally, when they couldn’t find any fault in Christ, they left questioning Him. The wisdom of God in you will always silence your adversaries.

Verse 45-47

Beware of those people who parade themselves as Christians but don’t live their lives as Christians.

Jesus is Lord

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