Manifesting heaven on earth

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Is it possible to enjoy heaven on Earth? Life in heaven is absolutely different from normal life on earth. But you can indeed live heaven’s way of life while on earth. It is a matter of your daily choices in life.

What is heaven on earth?

It is being able to experience what is obtainable in heaven while on earth. You sing a different song from the rest of the world. You have a perpetual smile on your face and your feet tap the floor at any slightest opportunity.

What is the difference between life in heaven and life on earth?

Though both places are residences for beings, they have different terms and conditions of occupancy. Also, they are governed by different powers. Heaven is a place of forever joy: anything short of joy is not allowed at all (Matthew 13:44). Contentment and peace are part of the lifestyle. No tear or sadness, pain or suffering is accommodated there (Revelations 21:4). Regrets are unimaginable. Furthermore, Heaven is also known for beauty, riches and blessings, and for being free of sickness and diseases. And nothing defiled is given access into the kingdom (Revelations 21:1-27).

Earth, on the other hand, is a world full of increasing poverty, sickness and diseases, sorrow, fear and evils with a bit of respite here and there. It’s run by competitions, most of which are unhealthy and is the survival of the fittest world. Life on earth is characterized by selfishness and greed: me, myself and I syndrome. Regrets are the norm here.

Who makes the difference?

God makes the difference in the way of life in heaven and on earth. God is love and where there is love, good is present and evil is absent, (1 Peter 4:8, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8) Therefore, walking in love (walking with God) secures you a heaven on earth experience.

Why should you manifest heaven on earth?

You are the light of the world and the salt of the earth, (Matthew 5:13-14). People are looking for the way out of the mess surrounding them. The world is in pain, looking for the manifestation of the sons of God and you, manifesting God, will give her the solution that she dearly needs (Romans 8:19, 22). Furthermore, manifesting life in heaven on earth releases blessings of heaven on you: the husbandman that labours is the first partaker of the fruits, (2Timothy 2: 6). In fact, what God wants to manifest on earth through you is yet to enter the mind of men (1 Corinthians 2:9).

Truly, you can enjoy this life on earth. The choice of life is yours to make. Make the choice to manifest heaven on earth today and link to God through Jesus Christ.

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