May 20, 2020

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The Red Sea-A Place Of Salvation And Destruction

The Red Sea-A Place Of Salvation And Destruction

The stories in the bible are full lessons, which when applied in our lives transform us and make us fulfil our destinies. Today, I will be sharing from Exodus 14, the story of the crossing of the Red Sea.


Christians encounter red seas in their lives at some points in their lives. But it takes faith to receive the salvation God ordained for His people. However, destruction is ordained for your enemies because they never have regard for the God of the Christians. This is because of their wicked hearts, like the Egyptians who wanted the Israelites to come back and keep serving them.

Keys to Gain Victory

It takes being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and obedience to God’s instructions for a Christian to gain victory. For instance, Moses was taking instructions from God and obeying them exactly as He was being commanded. However, God expects us to also to take steps of faith and not just to cry unto Him. This He told Moses when He told him to make the Israelites move forward. However, this should be based on the word of God.

Remember Past Victories and Move Forward

At the point of the Red Sea, Christians should always remember the victories God gave them in the past. For this will help to boost their faith in God. This was not the case with the children of Israel. They forgot the signs and wonders God wrought in Egypt and yielded to murmuring and complaining. And they even wished to return to captivity because of fear of death. This is a wrong attitude to manifest; we should always aspire to go forward and not backward. Nevertheless, I thank God for Moses, who was there to stand in the gap and in faith on their behalf. So, God can for the sake of one man, save a multitude.

The Mightiness of God

Furthermore, God showed His mighty power at the Red Sea. Truly, He did what no man can do by parting the sea and causing the Israelites to pass on dry land. And amazingly, the waters stood like walls! And when the Egyptians moved in, He showed them that the parting of the Red Sea was not for them. This is because they all perished there, including the horses. That is why people shouldn’t follow openings meant for a child of God without consulting the Lord Himself.

Surely, God fought for the Israelites at the Red Sea and saved them from their enemies. And He is still fighting for those who believe and wait on Him. And He gained honour and fear both from the Israelites and the Egyptians in the process. Finally, at least at that point, the children of Israel believed in God and His servant Moses.


So, no matter the Red Sea facing you, it is not impossible for God to part it. So, you must not fear but believe in God and obey all His instructions. For, it is another time for God to gain honour over your enemies.

Jesus is Lord!

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  1. Memonuwon Lot says:

    I count my self lucky to have encountered this message of growing in the love of God. Now I know I can enjoy the maximum benefits of God’s love for me. Thanks and more anointing.

    • Glory to God!
      Thanks Memonuwon for watching the video and for this comment.
      God bless you

    • Peter kinwa says:

      This post revealed my blindness to whom i am before the Almighty God and His power. Be and stay blessed

      • thanks to God.
        It is well. May God help you to be enlightened in Jesus name.
        Thanks Peter for your sincere comment.
        God bless you.

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