Pharaoh’s dreams

After two years of the restoration of the chief butler, Pharaoh had two dreams in one night, one after the other. The first one was that seven good-looking and fat cows came out of a river, followed by seven ugly and gaunt cows. And the seven ugly and gaunt cows ate up the seven good-looking and fat cows, yet never changed in appearance.

And the second dream was that seven thin heads of grain, blighted by east wind ate up seven plump and good heads of grain, and didn’t also change in appearance.

In the morning, Pharaoh called all the magicians and wise men to interpret the dreams, but none could interpret them for him.

The chief butler remembers Joseph

When no one could interpret the dreams, the chief butler remembered Joseph and told Pharaoh how Joseph interpreted his dream and the chief baker’s dream. And how, everything happened to them according to Joseph’s interpretation. Then, Pharaoh sent for Joseph and they made him to look presentable before seeing Pharaoh.

Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams

When Pharaoh told Joseph his dreams, Joseph told him that his dreams are the same. And that the seven good-looking cows and grains were seven years of abundance and that the seven ugly and thin cows and grains were seven years of famine. Also, Joseph told Pharaoh, that the famine will be such that nobody will ever remember the seven years of abundance.

Joseph proffers a solution to Pharaoh

Joseph told Pharaoh to appoint a discerning and wise man over Egypt. This man will oversee the storing of one-fifth of food produced in the cities during the years of abundance. And this is to ensure that the cities have food during the years of famine.

Joseph’s rise to power

What Joseph advised was accepted by Pharaoh. However, he appointed Joseph as that wise man; because he acknowledged that no other person had the Spirit of God. And that since God showed him the interpretation; none is as discerning and wise as he was. Furthermore, Pharaoh made him the number two man in authority over all the land of Egypt. In addition, Pharaoh declared, that though he was Pharaoh, without Joseph’s consent, nothing would be done in Egypt.

Joseph’s family and the famine

Joseph was thirty years when he resumed office in Egypt. He got married and had two children, Manasseh and Ephraim before the years of famine began. And the famine was exactly as Joseph interpreted. It was severe over the face of the earth. However, Egypt had food and other countries went to Joseph to buy food.


  • It took two years for the chief butler to remember Joseph; however, it was the best time for Joseph to be remembered. This is because, if he was released earlier, he could have returned home and wouldn’t have risen to power in Egypt. So, when our prayers are not answered immediately, we should still remain in faith. This is because God is preparing the best package for us better than what we asked for.
  • The Spirit of God in you makes all the difference and He will show you off to the world. Also, the Spirit of God in you will secure your glorious position and take you to your high places.
  • When God says a thing He brings it to pass.
  • You will flourish and multiply anywhere God places you.


Genesis 41

Jesus is Lord!

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