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“What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of (earthborn) man that You care for him”, Psalm 8:4. (AMP) God’s relationship with man is very important to Him. Man’s daily walk is a reflection of his relationship with God, whether good or bad. An understanding of God’s view of this connection will affect man’s way of life.

God instituted this relationship with man. He made man in His own likeness. (Gen 1:27). Man was created to be like God, think, speak and act like Him. Man was to have total dominion on earth while God rules in heaven. (Psalm 115:16) Also, He created man to fellowship with him. Gen 3:8 makes us to understand that God would come and fellowship with Adam in the garden in the cool of the day.

This relationship of God with man is motivated by His love for man. Even when Adam and Eve sinned, He still made a better covering (coats of skin) for them than the apron of fig leaves they made for themselves. (Gen 3:7, 21). And to express how much He loved man and desired a restoration of the kind of relationship He had with Adam and Eve, He gave His only son, Jesus Christ for mankind. (John 3:16)

Man violated this fellowship with God when Adam disobeyed God and obeyed the devil. (Gen 3:11, 17) Unfortunately people still disobey God and obey the devil, thereby affecting their relationship with God. Our fellowship with God is determined by how much we love Him and obey His Word. (John 14:23) The level of obedience to God created two categories of people with different levels of relationship with God- the people of the world and the believers (John 14:17-24)

God is the God of the whole world but Father to the believers in Christ Jesus. He relates to the people of the world as their maker and as a heavenly Father to the Christian believers. The World enjoys His drops of mercy and blessings but Christ followers enjoy showers of blessings. (Matt 5:45, Ezek 34:26).  God makes a clear cut demarcation between the people that serve Him and those that do not serve Him. (Mal 3:17-18)

God’s perfect will is that all mankind be totally restored back to Him. He desires to enjoy the original relationship He had with man with all mankind. This is why He sent His son Jesus Christ that whosoever believes in Him and is a doer of His Word will be reconciled back to Him. (2 Cor 5:19) God desires that man assumes his original dominion on earth, walking in the precepts of God.

Man’s relationship with God can be improved. This can be built up by making Jesus the Lord of your life (Eph 2:13, 18) and fellow-shipping with Him in Bible study and in prayers. (Acts 20:32) God longs to shower His love on all mankind but He can only do so to them that give Him access into their lives. Man having been made in God’s likeness has the will to choose who to serve. And God cannot violate man’s will.

A good relationship with God is what everyone needs to enjoy the life He has given to man. Life without God is a life full of misery and sorrow. Total peace can only come from God. But the choice is yours to make.

What else can you say about man’s relationship with God?

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