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I am tired of waiting for a breakthrough! It’s not working and I might as well stop thinking that it will work for me. I am dying in the midst of a storm! You must have heard these statements or similar and worse statements. This post is to inform you of what never to do at such times.

A story is told of a man who had a challenge to swim across the ocean. He kept swimming for a long time. Eventually, his strength and determination started failing. Also there was a thick fog in front of him and he couldn’t see any further. Finally, he gave up and started drowning. But a little boy saw him and pulled him to the shores of the ocean. The man survived but lost the challenge. He gave up when he was already at the finishing point. The fog did not allow him to see that he had reached the end of the challenge.

This is the story of many people in the midst of a storm. What never to do then is to NEVER QUIT AND NEVER QUIT BELIEVING. Some people give up just because they cannot see with their physical eyes the end of the road. Many people quit when their breakthrough is already at the corner.

You may ask me, “what if it never pulls through?” But I have a question for you too, “what if it pulls through?” I encourage you never to quit or quit believing. Interestingly, God knowing that we will have challenges that will look insurmountable, went ahead of us to lay examples of those who faced great challenges and overcame. These are recorded in the scriptures.  I will give two of these examples here.

In Genesis chapters 37, 39-41, Joseph went through all manner of storms for many years before realising his dreams. He dreamt of being the head and above his brothers and parents. But it wasn’t so until he was first sold as a slave and put in prison for committing no sin. Whilst in the midst of a storm, Joseph never quit and never quit believing. He believed all through that God was able to bring his dreams to pass.

He went through the storms joyfully and with great expectation. His performances were always excellent because he did not allow the present and temporary situation to affect him. Furthermore, note that those challenges were necessary for him to get to the palace. If he gave up at Potiphar’s house, he would never have gotten to the throne.

Another person who knew what never to do in the midst of a storm was Abraham. His wife, Sarah was barren and for many years they believed God for a child. At the age of 75, God promised Abraham that he was going to have a son. Twenty five solid years passed from the time of this promise to the time fulfilment.

Throughout this period Abraham never quit believing. Instead, as Romans 4:17-21 tells us, he was strong in faith, giving glory to God. He was fully persuaded that God who had promised was able also to perform it. He had every reason to quit, including the facts that he and his wife had passed the reproductive stages of their lives, yet he didn’t quit.

Another question I have for you is, “when will you stop quitting?” If you quit now, the chances is that you will quit again next time you are faced with a challenge. As long as you are alive, challenges will always come (this is the truth). I encourage you to face that challenge, dare to believe God to the end and I tell you, victory surely will be yours. Remember what never to do – NEVER QUIT AND NEVER QUIT BELIEVING

Watch out for follow up articles on reasons not to quit and what to do in the midst of a storm.

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